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Updated on August 10, 2011

My mom and dad got married in 1941 just as World War II was beginning to become a real scare to the whole world. My dad was drafted into the army in 1942, but before he left he managed to leave my mother with child. The first time he saw my oldest sister she was 3 1/2 years old. While he was doing his duty in Africa and all over Europe, my mother was home in Wisconsin raising a daughter all by her self. He left in 1942 and didn't see her again until 1946, very few of the letters they wrote to each other ever got through because of security reasons. But once he got back they made up for lost time. They ended up having 9 kids and were married for 57 years. That sounds a little different than most marriages today. Now a days if one of the two is gone for a week one or both are running around with someone else. Good old time values is the best thing for a marriage. And not just for a marriage, but for all aspects of life. I know one thing for sure...Hollywood is the worst example on earth for a marriage. To them it's just a joke. My friend, please don't put any stock in that dirty bunch. Don't think for one minute they are happy. Why do you think they are all in rehab and end up committing suicide? Call me old fashioned if you want to, but I'm sticking with the World War II morales. It worked for my parents and so far it's working for my marriage of 33 years. It's a simple thing called commitment.


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    • Jean Bakula profile image

      Jean Bakula 6 years ago from New Jersey

      Thanks for writing about an interesting topic. My Mom and Dad married before the Korean War, and as soon as they did, he was stationed in Charleston and had to go serve in the Navy. It must have been hard to be a newlywed and barely have time for a honeymoon. Thankfully his tour was over in a few years, and they waited to have me and my brother. But it must have been weird to marry someone, or because of 1950's morals, have to marry them to have sex once before he left. These women were marrying virtual strangers, then getting pregnant again on every leave from the service. Then the man comes home and barely knows his wife, and never met the kids. I still do admire the comittment to the marriage though. I think people don't understand what "vow" means in our times. But I don't understand a marriage with two people who hardly know a thing about each other. In our times they would have a one night stand, and go their separate ways. I would never marry somebody just to sleep with him once, although the men must have pressured the women by saying they could die, so they had to "do it."

    • london55 profile image

      london55 6 years ago from London

      My mum and dad met just after the war, they met on a street corner, they were married within 10 months and their marriage lasted 55 years. Life has changed, the world has changed, Its sad but I think there is no going worked then but I am not to sure about now.