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Wanna be a Happy Guy? Don't Chase Hot Women!

Updated on May 12, 2011

Resist the urge to chase the hottest, sexiest women you can find.

Why? Well, there are several reasons

The problem with hot, sexy, fine women is that, more often than not, they know they are hot, sexy, and fine.

In other words, these types of women know they have a hot product in hot demand. Therefore, they tend to act like they are a national treasure.

These women tend to be short on humbleness but tall on diva-like behavior. And if you are a guy who values a solid relationship, one built around love, mutual respect, and integrity, then move on!

You will save yourself a lot of heartrache (and probably a lot of money and time as well) if you avoid these types of women like the plague and instead chase the more moderately attractive women with better hearts, more integrity, and more humbleness.

Another problem with the oh-so-fine women is that they have a lot of options. They can make unrealistic, shameful demands on a guy because they have plenty of other guys waiting in the wings.

If you don't give them what they want, if you don't bend over backwards to fulfill their every whim, she'll move on to the next schmuck trying to get into her pants.

Now, I know guys will be guys will be guys. After all, we notice and crave hot women because, well, they are hot!

Guys are biologically wired to covet young, fertile, attractive women; it's an evolutionary thing.

It's only natural for us guys to pursue the types of women that make us happy (horny?). And, if you are simply looking to play around and not establish any type of relationship, then I guess you should just follow your heart and do what you wish.

But in terms of trying to establish a solid relationship with a hot woman, I say tread carefully.

Because no matter how hot you think you are, no matter how rich you are, no matter how "together" you think you are, there is always going to be competition.

And if you are with a fine woman who lacks integrity or sufficient moral grounding, then she may dump you for the highest bidder.

I've seen it happen. You hear about it all the time. Hollywood is rife with that type of nonsense.

Chase a woman who is attractive but not drop-dead-gorgeous. You will save yourself a lot of heartache, and more than likely end up with a better lady!


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    • AnthonyJ33 profile image

      AnthonyJ33 5 years ago from Southern California

      I'm sure there are wonderful attractive women who have good hearts and who are not selfish or arrogant. But in my experiences (which are limited), I've found that most of the time attractive (hot) women tend to be more than a little arrogant and demanding. Being with one entails having to cater to their outrageous expectations in regards to what they think they deserve.

    • Christine P Ann profile image

      Christine P Ann 6 years ago from Australia

      I agree with kafsoa and it would appear your hubs view is a little narrow minded. Beauty is truly skin deep, however, beautiful women often complain that being beautiful is a drawback because a lot of men don't take them seriously and just want to get them into bed and they also have to deal with jealous and insecure men. Of course! women who are drop dead gorgeous are going to get a lot of attention that's a no brainer. And to suggest that men should choose a woman who is attractive and not drop dead gorgeous is ludicrous, there is no guarantee either way. This doesn't only apply to women but for men as well. I'm still voting you up because it rattled my cage lol!

    • kafsoa profile image

      kafsoa 6 years ago

      This way attractive good women won't find a man to love if it's going this way. I don't agree with you but I'm voting your hub up because of other concerns :)