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Want Ex Back? Get Boyfriend Back

Updated on June 18, 2010

You might be dating other guys after breaking up with your ex boyfriend, but once again it did not go well, and you find yourself whispering I want my ex back, if you are constantly wondering how to get boyfriend back, let me tell you that there are things you can do to rekindle an old relationship.

For your old relationship to start working again, you need to prepare your body, mind and soul just for him, do not waste energy and time in men who are not your ex, just clear your energy from other people, if you are dating another guy, flirting with other men, or even worse sleeping around, you are not preparing the proper mindset to get boyfriend back.

Sometimes girls do not maintain their dignity, this is very important if you want to get your ex boyfriend back, keep your dignity, don't chase your ex, you must make him respect you and treat you well, hold your head high, this way your chances of getting him back are bigger

List the things you appreciate the most about your ex boyfriend and spend some time dwelling on them, every now and then, a bad break up ends with all kinds of accusations, now that you have some free time to think, start to concentrate on his good points, this is a good thing to do especially if you want to get your ex boyfriend back

If you do get back together with your ex, try changing some of the circumstances, try going to new places, picking a new hobby together, by changing the circumstances and the environment of your new relationship, you have a better chance of making it work, try not to fall into the same old patterns of your relationship, you might even want to try changing things around, let’s say if you were living together, try having separate rooms for a while, if you were just engaged try dating again, but whatever you do don’t force your relationship back into old patterns.


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