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Want Your Marriage to Work, Read This!

Updated on September 7, 2011

Want Your Marriage to Work, Read This!

Marriage should not be something that you should be scared of anymore. But I understand. You have to make all these promises during the big day like, "I will be there in sickness and health", but somehow eventually manage to stray away from those agreements. I understand how marriage can be like some formal agreement on paper and I am not a big fan of signing away on the doted line. But it doesn't have to feel like you are doing this.

It is also apparent that no one need to be married. You are able to live with another person, but you are not obligated to marry them. In this situation, you can have all of your own stuff, movies, couches, beds, whatever. But in that situation, where you are already living with another, why not just get married? The marriage will be something that you both have to live up to, and thus, you will work your hardest to sustain the relationship.

But will that actually work out in the long run? It isn't simple agreement. This is a huge promise to another individual that has aim goal of a life time. If you stay with someone just because of living up to an agreement, than you are ruining your partner's chance at finding someone that actually cares about them.

But it can lead to divorce. That divorce in a situation where you are just holding on because of the "agreement" is a bold but honest move. There couples that try to sustain the marriage "agreement", they want to avoid divorce, just because they are worried about what the world around them will think. But your marriage and its success is no one's concern other than yours and your partner's.

And don't think that I am pro-divorce now.... I just believe that your should not be in any relationship that makes you unhappy. Even if there are others at stake here--children, other family and friends. Remember that you only get one life to live and that during this time you should be only doing what makes you happy.

But if you continue to stay in your marriage because of your kids or other reasons, believe in that reason and live out the marriage with happiness. Don't waste your time focusing on what is bad. Make sure all your actions involve your heart.

Just remember that if you decide to stay in marriage even if you are unhappy, but not focus on the unhappiness and look at the positive side of it all, you will eventually believe that you are happy within your marriage.

Point: You might just be at a low point in your marriage. Wait it out and follow through. There might be a way out of all the sadness. However if it happens too often. Maybe it is time to let go of that marriage. Good luck!


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