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Brother's Wife's in Kannada Language - War War Githiru.

Updated on February 25, 2013
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I am a Textile Technocrat having done my Diploma in Textile in Textile Technology a 3 and 1/2 year course in Govt SKSJTI Bangalore.

Happy before Wedding.

Picture - Courtesy:-
Picture - Courtesy:-

The Family.

Before our marriage my brother was a nice guy who would respect parents and sisters and me his only brother.He would mind his own business study well and get through all his exams in one go.He had his friends and they would keep company with him only but they were respecting me.My brother was very shy and would avoid girls anywhere.He would not spend any of his pocket money and would keep in his part of the drawer.There were 4 drawers and was shared by me and 2 other sisters.There was only one table with these 4 drawers.My brother would mostly study when ever the table was not used by me or my sisters,two other sisters were keeping their study books and their personal things in a steel trunk.There was no leather or the types of suit cases as one can see in any store which catered to the needs of travelers.

We all grew up as a family traditionaly known and respected in our area called as Chamarajpet.This was a area of upper class bramhins mostly with very few other upper class caste known as lingayits a community that was considered lower to bramhins those days 50 years ago.The lingayits considered superior themselves and were refusing to drink even water in bramhins homes.Me and my friends were not bothered with what the other community felt themselves as,so long their girls played with us.

My sisters were pretty and they were not playing as I did nor my brother more handsome than me did anything with me or my friends.My father was an officer in the local textile mills and my area was included in his teritory also as I went frequently to see him and made him pay for my eats in his mills canteen that was maintained by the mills and the Vada & Dosa were cheaper than the rates of restaurents in our area. 

My eldest sister no sooner she completed her high school was married to my father's sister's son and she left us to a join her husband at his village Holenarasipur,the village where our Ex.Prime Minister Deve Gowda lived eating Masala Dosa with the village folks.We were in that village during 2nd world war when it was feared that Germans would bomb the textile mill that was run by the British which was called Binny's.( It is closed now.)

My brother who was a undergraduate soon completed his graduation and joined Kirlosker's and I was unable to complete my graduation and did a diploma in Textile Technology which was all that was required to become the Head of the Department in a textile mill and completed the 3 and half years required to complete,which I did and stood 2nd in the college.I was sent for my practicals at the famous Shri.Meenakshi Mills Ltd,Madurai.

My second sister also got married to a civil engineer and left us and we were now a small family.My brother was at his best all alone and our relation was to find out which film he would go when we were at home during holidays.His temperment was blow his nose when ever he was angry and when he was not angry he was some where with his friend and I would take my sister who so ever was ready to the hindi movie that would be showing in the local cinimas.

I was soon married to a girl choosen for me by my parents.I was working as a technical staff in a reputed textile mill at coimbatore,where I had joined after few years of working at Bombay.My brother was to be married and my mother was very particulor that he marries a girl that she would select as was the case with me.They did select a girl and even before my mother could say yes to the girl my brother went and told the girls mother that he would marry her only.The girl had lost her father and my mother was thinking what to do,when she came to know that my brother a shy guy did such a thing that was not expected in our tradition.

My wife had her Wargithi a kannada term showing the relationship of brother's wife's.

I do not know why the word WAR comes first but it is a WAR & PEACE between the two brothers wife's in any family,so much so that loving brothers become strangers and try to behave as though they were never brothers.This wargithi's problem of trying to show their family is better than or richer than her wargithi creates so much heart ach though not to my brother perhaps.This runs in the highest circle family's in India.

I say these War War Githi's problem is National as I have seen in many family's in INDIA from the richest to the poorest.


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