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Warning Love Hurts and in Reality it is No Ones Fault That it Does!

Updated on June 28, 2014

One Takes the Bow! One Takes the Blame!

OK you may be thinking hey why didn't he use that D-I-V-O-R-C-E Song? For one I don't believe in It. I never have and never will. Until Death Do We Part ! What God has put together Let No Man or Human put a sounder, One that sounds, especially a device for making soundings to the seas. In other words If God has done it, not a peep out of any one and that is any one!

Some might think me old fashion. But I was this way long before I ever came to any belief from any one Religion. I heard the words and unfortunately for me they are stuck in my crawl space. The one in between my ears. But some say that a divorce is a death. Well truly it is not! Although at times one wishes that is was. This I do Know! Of these feelings and failings also.

Divorce is a fact in our Daily lives today, but not so long ago it was seen as a Big No! No! Even for those who truly needed to be divorced. I am not saying that there are not some who shouldn't do it and/ or need it to be done. Because we know that this is also a truth. I am saying though that we Americans today have become soft and week to long suffering.

We have become pleasure seekers in and of our own minds or peace of mind. In that we seek our own self pity and worth over everything and everybody else. If and when it suits us. I am just as guilty as anyone else myself. But how did this and why did this happen to us all? Ask a none believer and you will get a plethora of reasons why; Lawyers, the wars, the politics, and whatever trips their triggers that day. But we believers know why it is; that all of this is happening for and at this time. It is one of the signs of the end times; as there are many, many of them expediently coming to the forefront.

Divorce is a Big Win for old Satan the only one bigger is the one where he has every one conceived; that he does not exist. And then the other would be that it is Mans original sin that we are being corrected for. Oops! Preachers and Half ass-ed teachers are jumping out of their seats now! What did that some of a Bitch say? You heard me it is Not Mans Original Sin that we are here for. It has never been! It is the Fallen' and their sins that we are here for. We have only become intermingled within their Sins because of Adam's and EVE's disobedience!

[One Takes The Blame] by The Statler Brothers

When it's over, God knows as well as we it is
When we pack up, and stack up what's hers and what's his
When we make up the stories to cover up the shame
They never will believe, we simply fell out of love
So one takes the bow, one takes the blame

It won't be easy to throw away so many years and smile
But don't feel guilty we gave It our best for a while
But the story we tell our friends must always be the same
Cause they never would believe it was really no ones fault
One takes the bow, one takes the blame

One takes the bow, one takes the blame
That's the way you have to play the game
Your friends need someone, they can talk about and blame
And God forbid that my friends need the same, ain't that a shame?

When we get lonely and lonely we'll get now and then
Just remember that somewhere we both still have a friend
Love's not forever and ours went as gently as it came
So for all the years I loved you and you know I really loved you
You take the bow and I'll take the blame
You take the bow and I'll take the blame

One Takes The Blame

A Win Win or Lose Lose there is no In Between!

As you read the lyrics to this song above it may or may not take you to a place or bring you into a memory. So beware it can be rough on a soul with no Support System. Or a system of support, if you are one of today's casualties don't fret it.

Get close to God and his Son Jesus as quick as you can. And I do mean you! Not the beliefs of your family or church! You seek God and you do it by talking to him in silence in your head. So the devil and his minions are unaware of what you want or need.

Always keep your Prayers between you and the Father there fore keeping "Them" out of the picture, until your payers are answered! Always! And then testify to the results. Now these are for your private wants and needs. Not for healings and causes.

Choose your Payer partners wisely. Or go into your "Closet" and shut the door. (Your inner Mind) is this closet where you can speak freely without fear of being over heard of any that the Father has excluded from that communication. You can take this on Faith or rather you will have to take this on Faith. The Devil and his minions are disallowed from reading your mind as you speak to GOD or when you make your petitions to HIM.

For they are always listening. Now I am not trying to make anyone paranoid or scared these who are listening have no power over the believer unless you open up a way into yourself . By not seeking of or speaking to your Father through His Son first! First and always ask that the Fathers will be done! For He does and has always had your best interest in mind.

Now some think me a kook, a nut bag, or a disillusioned soul, but I am telling you true; there is a God and there is a Son and wherever these two are, there is also another and you. When the world comes crashing down and in on you. Be not afraid, GOD is always there and ready to come to your aide! But it has to be at the very First Instance or it will take place at His leisure and in His time.

Why? Because God is always first and last and everything in between takes Time! I hope you are seeing what I am saying! Why do I pray always through Jesus unto the Father? And always asking of the Father His Will? Well the time grows short even If it is still another ten or twenty thousand years away, the time is short for GOD.

Why do we ask through Jesus? Well it is this simple. GOD came to Us as the fallen came to be here. And now they and we are born again through Woman in the flesh. And Innocent of the Original sins; of both The fallen and the Disobedience of Adam and EVE. GOD is making a very clear Point even though he doesn't need to!

The point is He will suffer everything before us and after us. And if you have not yet come to the understanding of who Jesus is. Learn! Ask this first off who are you? Lord Jesus who are you to me? Remember It will take many of us a life time to find this out, because the devil has beaten us up pretty badly with all these lies of his and now ours and everyone else's world here on this earth.

Suicide and Divorce are not the unpardonable Sin. They are no more greater then or less then the others! For all have Sin and fall short of the glory of the law. The Law was Not designed to save! It was never designed to save. Salvation is only GOD's work and choice to whom. And He tell us again whom that is! It is Whom so ever believeth ON HIS SON and what it is that He has done for us!

Whom is the One that this One ; who came; did come for? Well Jesus came in Gods Stead or in God's place. For Man can not see GOD and Live within these Flesh Bodies. Because when you see GOD while in your flesh [which is a lie of Satan's] It Dies. This happens because no lie lives before GOD your flesh is instantly striped away for it offends GOD the Creator. It offends HIM to see His creations defiled and within these coverings and believing in Satan's Lies!

Thinking About Things!

Stop Thinking about "Things" !

And start Believing in things. The truth only needs to be presented. Once It is, the seed is then watered. Then that seed which was placed within every one of us. Who was re-born into the flesh. And that came through woman.

That seed which lies there dormant until, either GOD or you water It. Keeping it watered and fed is then your job! GOD has done His part by sowing the seed. You are then the one who decides if it will Live or Die. You and only you!

Satan Can not stop you from feeding It or watering It, because It belongs to GOD and It is a gift unto you from Him to care for. Even though you live in Satan's Garden. Satan can not destroy the seed within, but he can cause it to become damage. Fear not those who can cause the flesh to parish but HE that can cause both your flesh and soul to be forgotten. And there is only one who can does this; OUR Father GOD our Creator our Saviour!

No! Divorce is not the unpardonable sin! This sin can Only be made by true know-ers of the word. Those taught by God's Comforter and chosen from before these foundations of this Earth and Its time. These are the Chosen of GOD some call them the Elected or the ELECT

Always Remember! It is only OVER when You in your Flesh Is Over. And it is Most Important that you have given your all! Only God can Judge you; on that or anything else concerning this Life and the Next!

I have felt your Pain and I still am jabbed by Satan whenever I give him that chance! So don't you give him the chance! Because he Never, Ever Fails to take IT! Unless he is given an even better Chance by not taking that authority given to him by you, he is a tricky little devil.

Thanks for the read and any comments that you may have.

Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man


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    • profile image

      Very True 4 years ago

      It is really God's fault why i don't have a love life today. But then again, women today are Nothing like the real good ladies that we had in the past.

    • profile image

      dreamseeker2 5 years ago

      Interesting thoughts. Voted it up and useful. : )

    • Sinbadsailorman profile image

      Donald Beres Jr 6 years ago from Valparaiso, Indiana

      Thank you Lita C. Malicdem, This I know and the devil knows all of our little failings. he can and does attach and attack me at will,as well many of us, and often.

      It is becoming easier for me even daily now to send him out and away from me verbally. Easier much more so then before.

      This is why it is so very important for me and the others to stay near unto Our Lord Jesus. Satan's time I do believe is very near and if not only his, his children's time as well.

      As to a woman there is only one that I will ever want and that is my strength and not a weakness. Now I am not one that teaches Divorce is easily emendable or rescind-able, with out the guide lines of Our Lord's Law and Statutes.

      One should not take to IT as lightly as it is taken too Today! It is not unforgivable and then again. It puts so, so many at risk as it is freely handed out. Like Tainted Candy to unaware children who are also easily deceived.

      I know this seems to upset many. But I did not make the rules there is a way for some but, it is not for everyone. Too many are throwing caution unto the wind.

      If I was to receive certain key signature signs I would be free to remarry, but as of yet I have not been given those signs. Those that I am looking for and to. I only want what I once had to be restored, for it was stolen from me by this world and its dark prince.

      Because I turned from the Lord Our God, as Adam did for the love of Eve. I too had done. I too did this by turning my desire unto myself, by way of my wife. Disregarding my Creator my God my True everything, And I did so knowingly as Adam did.

      Thank you for the read and the encouraging comments, I am well grounded more so today then ever before. Fear not for my Happiness or Joy. I have retained them although not fully as of yet, I know it is on its way like unto our promise given to us from the Lord! And I know who will be bringing it back unto me if only for ONE DAY!. Thank you once again Lita, Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man

    • Lita C. Malicdem profile image

      Lita C. Malicdem 6 years ago from Philippines

      You are a God-loving person who believes in His goodness. I see no reason why you can't cope with your dilemma. That divorce will transform you into a better person- a forgiving one. You are doing fine, now that you discover the benefits of networking. It heals and it opens for you a wider space to become what God planned for you. It's not our will but God's that will prosper you in the end. Time is of essence, just be patient. Take care!