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Was the little me

Updated on August 11, 2013

Jack and Jane two hours earlier...

Jack talking...

Get lost, who the hell do you think you are?
I don't want you in my life anymore, you are nothing but a bad luck. You are not productive, you are an idiot, a bastard and i made a mistake dating you in the first place. Just get out of my life and let me be.

Next day.

He looks wildly around the office. For inspiration? For divine intervention?

Jack speaking...

"No! No!" he said

Jane please don't do this to me, you don't have to throw it all away, please i am so sorry,forgive me, it was the little me. You are the brightest thing in my life and i never meant any of those things i said. You know me too well Jane, please to er is human but forgive is divine. I love you Jane, please forgive me and give me another chance.

Jane stares at him and tries to walk out from the office, he falls to the ground and grab her leg...

Jack speaking again...

Please don't do this to me, please Jane, for old time sake, please,baby don't do this to me,i am very sorry, yes i fucked up, i agree, i messed up, i agree, it was all my fault, yes it was all mine, please it will never happen again, Jane,we have come a long way, three years in not three days,don't just throw it away sweetheart. Jane don't go, please don't go

I will never shout at you again
Jane please don't throw it away
Forgive me my darling
I am on bended knees baby
What should i do to make you understand
I am sorry,Jane i am very sorry

Author's remark

Strictly for you guys. For how long will you keep treating her bad? Until you loose what you have then you know the value. Believe me, the easiest thing she will do right now is to kick off your hand from her leg.


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