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Watch Take Me Out Online

Updated on February 5, 2011

Watch Take Me Out Online

Do you want to watch Take Me Out online? If you and your other half are fighting for the remote control on a Saturday night you will be glad to know that if you miss Take Me out on TV you can still watch the TV show live online.

Take Me Out is a popular dating game show screened in the UK and Ireland , with the aim of fixing up a dream date. It is hosted by Paddy McGuinness and features one guy trying to impress 30 girls. The show is broadcast on ITV1 and TV3 in Ireland with a start time of 8.30pm and a running time of 60 minutes per episode. The first series started in January 2010, and the second series started in December 2010. There are plans for three further series in 2011, 2012 and 2013. The show is very popular in the UK with almost 6 million watching the first episode of series 2. There are around 8 episodes of each series. Famous quotes used in the show include 'No likey, no lightey", and "If you're turned off, turn off.

This page will provide some details about the popular UK dating game show, Take Me Out, and how to watch Take Me Out Online. If you miss watching it live on TV you can still watch old episodes of Take Me Out online from both series 1 and 2.

Take Me Out Game Play

The dating game features one guy who has to impress 30 women during three rounds. The first round takes places when the man emerges to the women and audience to music from his selected song. If the girls do not fancy him they can turn their lights off. The second round features a video clip with the guy's friends and family talking about him. While this is playing the 30 girls have the option of turning their lights off. The final round features the guy performing a routine to try and impress the last remaining girls.  If any of the girls keep their lights on the guy gets to choose two final girls for the last round. He asks these two girls a question and then picks the one he fancies the most to go to Tenerife with him.  

How to watch Take Me Out Online

If you love the popular dating game show Take Me Out and want to watch it online then you are in luck. There is nothing as hateful as missing your favorite program on TV because your husband, boyfriend or kids are hogging the TV. By watching online you never have to miss another episode of Take Me Out. There are a number of ways to watch Take Me Out online.

You can watch Take Me Out online using the ITV Player. You can watch episodes live online at the same time as they are shown on TV. The ITV Player enables users to watch Take Me Out online for 30 days after the episodes are aired on TV. The ITV player is available to everyone in the UK. It can be difficult to watch the ITV player abroad as your foreign IP address may prevent you from having access to the ITV player. The ITV Player is not the only way to watch Take Me Out online.

You can also watch Take Me Out online by using the 123 web tv website which offers free viewing of the dating game show.  You can view the schedule for viewing Take Me Out episodes on the 123 web tv website.



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