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Ways To Be Romantic With Your Partner

Updated on March 9, 2015

Romance can increase the bond between you and your partner. Here are some things that you can do together to add some romance to your life.

Love Notes♥

Write each other little love notes expressing what you love about each other. You could write little notes and exchange them with each other before you start your day. You could also put the notes in places like drawers or in your partner's shoes. The note could say something as simple as "I loved the way you looked in that shirt last night."

Love Songs♥

Make a playlist of love songs that you and your partner both like. Pick songs that have meaning for the both of you. You could play these songs while lying in each others' arms, making love or while you are traveling in the car together.

♥Cook Together♥

Cook a meal together. Serve the meal with a nice glass of wine or a non alcoholic sparkling beverage. Make it romantic and eat the meal by candlelight.

Romantic Movie

Cuddle up with each other while watching a romantic movie. The movie could either be a nice love story or a romantic comedy.


Go outside at night and gaze at the stars. You could lay a blanket outside, maybe on the grass or on the hood of your car, and look up at the night sky together. Each of you could make a wish on a star about your relationship and say it loud.

Feed Each Other

Feed each other food, such as chocolate covered strawberries, grapes or cheese. Watch as your partner savors each piece of food after you put it into their mouth.

Go For A Walk

Go for a walk in a park together. If there is a beach near you, walk or a take a drive there and walk along the beach holding hands. You can take a stroll around your own neighborhood while holding each others' hand.

Plan A Whole Day For The Two Of You

Plan out a whole day of activities that you both enjoy doing. For example, you could go out to eat for breakfast at a restaurant, then visit a museum afterwards. You could go on a picnic in a park for lunch and then go see a movie or go to the zoo. Then go home and get dressed up and go out to a nice romantic restaurant for dinner. Plan the day so that you both have something to look forward to and have fun together.


If there is someone or some place you know with a pool, then go for a nighttime swim together. If you have your own pool and privacy, you could make love in the pool or kiss and cuddle with each other in the water. In your own pool, bathing suits could be optional.

Romantic Getaway

Spend a night or two at a bed and breakfast resort or a romantic place that caters to couples. You could search the internet for places that would be good for a couple's getaway.

Shower Together♥

Take a shower together and make it real steamy. You could make love in the shower and take turns washing each other. You could also run your partner a bath and wash and massage their body.

Horse And Carriage Ride

Find a place that gives horse and carriage rides and take a ride while exploring the sights together. Cuddle up in each others' arms while you ride throughout the town.

Boat Ride

Go on a paddle boat or canoe ride together on a lake. If you live near an ocean or a bay, go on a short boat cruise tour together.


If you have a playlist of love songs, you can play them in the house and slow dance with each other. If you prefer going out, find a place where the two of you can dance together.

Board Game

Buy a romantic board game and play it together. You could also play other types of board games and make it romantic by offering a prize, such as a back massage, to the winner.


Surprise your partner with flowers or another gift "just because." It does not have to be a big, expensive gift. It can be something small that you know will make your partner happy.

Hot Air Balloon

Go on a hot air balloon ride. View the beautiful scenery together while you are way up high in a balloon ride with your partner.


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