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Ways To Catch A Cheater In The Act

Updated on January 7, 2013

Don't Confront Until...

Worry can throb in the pit of your stomach worse than a migraine headache when your sixth sense tells you that your partner may be cheating on your. Your first reaction my be to confront him or her, BUT DON"T DO IT! Ar least not until you have proof and to get proof you need to know ways to catch a cheater in the act that really work.

Catching a cheater in the act is actually easier than you may think so don't just go with your gut feeling when you confront a cheater. Go with the facts.

Ways To Catch A Cheater In The Act

There are many ways to catch a cheater in the act but some of them are more effective and easier than others. I will start with the least effective and move to the most effective cheater-catching techniques.

1) Follow Them Yourself (Risk High)

Using this technique, you tell you partner that you have to leave town for a weekend. Make sure you have a plausible reason for doing so. It is probably good to plan this for several weeks from now so it looks natural and sets the bait for the cheater.

Make sure you do everything exactly like you would as if you were really going. Depending on your partner, you may need to make actual reservations at an out of town motel. You don't want a suspicious partner checking up on your plans and finding them bogus.

When the weekend comes, you stay in town in a place where your partner is not likely to see you. You will need to rent a car or barrow one that your partner will not recognize and then you can follow them for the weekend and catch them in the act.

The risk is high for getting caught unless you know how to covertly follow someone.

2. Snoop (Risk Medium)

You heard right, snoop! Start checking through your partner's pockets, cell phone, purse or wallet and their dresser drawers. It is amazing what can turn up. If you do the laundry this makes things easier.

Look for receipts, phone numbers, and other clues that can provide proof of cheating. This is probably one of the oldest ways to catch a cheater in the act and though it may take some is effective.

The risk in the technique is that you may give yourself up by not replacing things like they were when you found them. This will tip off your partner to what you are doing.

3. Hire A Private Detective (Risk Low)

You can hire a private detective to catch a cheater and this is one of the surest ways to catch a cheater in the act. The private detective will get you proof of what is gong on so you can confront your partner while holding the proof in your hand. This will leave your partner with no recourse other than to confess and it puts you in the driver's seat.

Even though your relationship may survive a cheating crisis, if you are married, it still doesn't hurt to have a lawyer handy once you have proof. He or she who gets a layer first usually comes out on top.

4. Spy On Their Cell Phone (Risk Low)

The fastest way to catch a cheater in the act is to use software to spy on their cell phone. This is much cheaper than a private detective and it does almost as much as a private detctive can do. In some cases it can do even more than an investigator can do.

Cell phone spy software has become very sophisticated and once installed on your partners phone, it is completely invisible. They will not be able to tell that it is there.

It is easy to install and it only takes about 5 to 10 minutes to do it. This is the best of the ways to catch a cheater in the act because people store so much information on their cell phones now days.

Many of these spy software packages will allow you to not only read the cell phone's logs and see who has been called or who called the cell phone and when, but it will also allow you to listen in on conversations, alert you when certain telephone numbers are being called and show you in real time where the phone is located using a Google map.

If you get advance agency level software you can even remotely control the cell phone's microphone and use it as a covert listening device.

For more details on this amazing technology just visit the link in the side bar to the right. If you use any of these techniques and you are careful, you should be able to secure proof that your partner is cheating and then you can confront them and get the best results for you and your family.


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