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Ways To Show Appreciation To Your Significant Other

Updated on September 30, 2014

It is nice to show appreciation to your significant other for the things that they do for you. Here are a few things you can do to show your partner that you acknowledge what they do and that you are thankful to them.

Always Say Thank You

If your significant other does nice little things for you, no matter how small they may be, always remember to say thank you. Show them that you appreciate everything they do to help you, whether it be big or small.

Buy A Gift

Buy your partner a small gift as an appreciation for something they've done for you. For example, maybe partner spent a long time outside fixing your car when he could have been watching his favorite sport's game. Buy him a gift card to his favorite sporting goods store or maybe even tickets to a ball game to show him how much you appreciate the time he put into helping you.

Write A Thank You Card

Write your significant other a thank you card. Buy a nice greeting card and write them a note saying how grateful you are for the things that they have done for you. You can even write list of things that they have done to show that you remember what they do for you.


If your significant other does a lot of nice things for you, then take some time out of the day to pamper them. Maybe you could offer to give a massage after work, run them a warm bath, cook their favorite meal or take them to their favorite restaurant for dinner.

Do Not Criticize

If your partner tries to help you do something or does something for you and you do not like the way they did it, do not criticize them. Instead thank them for their effort and taking the time out to help you. Your partner had the intention of helping you and they should be appreciated for that. Never put a partner down for something they did that did not meet up to your expectations while they were trying to help you. Instead build them up by showing them how much you appreciate their willingness to help out. If you want them to know what they did wrong, use kind words instead of insults.

Show Interest And Listen

Show interest in your significant other. By listening to your partner and showing your interest in them, it will help them to feel more appreciated and wanted. If your partner does nice things for you, but you do not pay attention or acknowledge them when they talk or you often act uninterested in what they have to say, you are showing that you do not really appreciate what they do for you. Keep showing your appreciation by being in interested in your partner, caring about their needs, talking about their interests, and helping them out as well. Always remember to say thank you and do nice things in return for your partner. You should never take a good partner for granted.


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