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Ways of Love

Updated on January 27, 2016

I've never been so sure about anything before
But giving you a chance to know me even more
Someday, you'll be my shining armour
Please have patience 'cos I'm worth waiting for

Baby, please give me some time
'Cos I also want you to be mine
It's just that past ruining my life
To my feeling plays not fine

'I love you" is not just the words I say
Thus, have give myself all the way
Imperfection without you in a day
Serves as a kid that cry without play

We got close unexpectedly
And that's the beginning of our story
We may not look bubbly
But laugh out loud and stared by everybody

Similar traits show happiness
And for me, that may be our uniqueness
Mistakes of yours will not make my love less
For I know you'll be my conquered fortress

I'm afraid that you may leave me behind
But I realized that you'll here by my side
You told and promised me you'll guide
To see beautiful things and never be blind

I've been hurt many times
And walked away for so many miles
Told myself, never to bind
for those who came for me to find

They set promises to make
I'll wait until I wake
Told me, please let's break
And now their love already fade

You came and make me love
God gave me you from up above
I'll be saying I don't want anything to have
But you smiled and said to be my half

Everything's going to be fine
But it will be in God's perfect time
Asking and telling me, "please be mine"

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Siena's Corner

Writter's Fact: The writter do love making poems in the middle of the night. She can feel the silence and it helps her to have a peace of mind making it. That's why as she wrote this poem of hers, every word she indicate is with her heart and emotions on it.


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