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Ways to Improve Conversion Rates

Updated on August 18, 2015

Is Public Opinion Overrated?

With all the social media upkeep and online dating sites such as Tinder, where you can be anything from a poser to striving for what you really want without commitment. It's a pleasurable strain. Seems so easy now to only live up to public opinion standards 1st, and moral standards second.

While I was investigating this thought in discussion with a friend recently who felt the need to be part of a whole. They had pushed this whole idea to make up for themselves, the type of person everyone could agree with. Hmm. Not a bad idea. Wonder if this really happens. Then it dawned on me that it does - for certain personality types.

Your name is your personality

We've all met Mr. and Ms. Personality. You know them. You've seen them around town. Anti-social at best. They don't reek of any odor, or have any prognosis disorder. It's all about them. They're not from a dysfunctional family. Too proud to stoop to the lower and lesser things the Commoners do.

Obtaining gobs of credit to portray envious lifestyles to boast to those they care nothing about. Riding with Kayaks strapped to their latest status symbol of a car, to prove how adventurous, luxurious, and evident is their life to you. Or to at least to Public Opinion.

But you know, how you see others is exactly determined in how you see yourself (and vice versa). For whatever you might envy in another can be found as something lacking in your own life, and the disappointment shows up as despising it in another. So you set out to try to prove something to someone, that you are as good as or better. You try to get what you want, any means possible. Yes, even lie, cheat, or steal.

Who you are online shouldn't be a model for the offline

Portraying yourself has become an art in this culture. Not that it wasn't in the past, just that we've got better tools. Creating these wannabe characters, as if children playing pretend all over again. Then use flowery words and terms to show off our resume to those who'll never actually get to know us, (because that keeps us safe) and because we all fear a sense of failure if we can't make the cut in today's market, according to public opinion.

Don't get me wrong, public opinion matters, because whether for love, life, business, or social. We all carry this “got it goin' on “ perception when in reality, we don't. How come nobody puts out their failures on these sites? Why not make social media and dating sites that just allow us to put our less-than-attractive pics, or tell how many times I failed the Drivers Ed test.

Maybe instead we just talk about things we don't own, and list them. That'd be so much easier. Since it's true. For, we all lack, all wanting something we didn't get. This type perception is more realistic with who we are. When at the end of the day, and away from the dim lights of the screens. Away from people, family, and children. There's no one to impress, and your real personality exists. That scared, insecure little boy or little girl begs for attention, begs to be noticed. This is us all.

Photoshopping our behavior

With so many available social media tools, perhaps we could programs like Photoshop to touch up our behaviors as well. Wouldn't that be awesome. Just like we when using it to rid facial lines and improve the smile. So maybe could use it for adding layers to our profile like cheerfulness that's missing, or removing bitterness and anger from our bio.

Tools such as this could prove to be invaluable for all. I know there are things I'd like to add and take away. Don't you? Things that aren't always me, and tell a different story than what I've wrote.

I realize Mr. and Ms. Personality haven't any use for such things. They're out looking for Lucky . Charms to get them through and keep them safe. But for us, who don't have the latest status symbol of public opinion. We gotta resort to such means as talent and gifts that are more realistic.

Give gifts that get (Get gifts that give)

Really kind of the same point. We don't give to get, but often we really do. This sort of ultra-personality profile we craft to get everything from hits and likes, to sex. Wanting what we don't have, being envious of others, and striking out when trying to get things above our grade level. This is the bridge we try to create for ourselves. To get from where we are, to where we wanna be.

If we just got real, and do for others as we'd want them to do for us it could be different. Trying being the same online as you are off. A little insecurity can help someone else with social difficulty. Posting a little failure might go a long way for someone with skin issues, or a jiggly-belly. We'll get what we want by giving more, eventually recognizing that which we tried to get will be given in return. Perhaps more than we first imagined.

Low perception won't rid the unwanted parts

Degrading ourselves for humility sake don't relieve us much either. We're exactly as we are. Good, bad, and the ugly. You must utilize and leverage opportunities to discuss, not flaunt, less-than-attractive items. Engage others with conversation. Invite people to talk about issues maybe not lovely at the breakfast table, but if done over a mutual tea and coffee, some laughter and tears could be had.

Don't be afraid to treat others (as you recognize their little boy or girl within them) with just a little compassion, regard, and understanding. You might not get rid of any unwanted parts, but the perception of yourself will be improved, and maybe, just maybe that overrated opinion of others and their perception of you will change as well.


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