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How to Make Your Guy Fall More in Love With You

Updated on December 18, 2012

Making a guy fall in love with your is not easy, but the challenge becomes bigger if you want him to stay that way for long. Relationships need effort to work. To keep you man more in love with you be ready with these simple weapons to keep him interested. Bear in mind that men always want challenge, novelty and visual excitement.

Of course there are a million ways to keep him in interested. It does not matter whether you are still dating, in the early part of the relationship or already in the 'going steady' phase. Keeping him interested will not only ensure a great experience but also help any relationship withstand the test of time.

1. Be light on 'emotional' stuff

While some guys may want you to smoother them with words of affection, most guys may head to the next exit when they hear you say the L-word early on. Men are brought and are taught to be in control of their emotions. And boy, they do a good job of keeping the lid on on those emotions. Try not to be emotional about the smallest things. If he asks you how your day was, don't go on a monologue about your bad hair or trivial stuff. Though some men may dig emotional stories, majority gets bored with too much details. Men are trained to just process the facts, so try to be curt about the details and not get so emotional about it. Remember how a news story is written -- just the facts, short and brief .

2. Needy and Clingy is a big No-no!

The fastest way to make a guy run away in the opposite direction is for a woman to be emotionally needy and clingy. Although, women are geared to be honest about how they feel, men are not primed the same way. Crying and other emotional outburst don't sit well with them. This makes men uneasy especially early on in the relationship.

In the same vein, being emotionally needy is a real big turn-off for most guys. Show him that you are in control of yourself and emotions. More importantly, never use it to manipulate him into doing some stuff you want done. Men see through it and it can be a major deal-breaker. Learn to go around it, that's why women have friends. Guys simply won't dig a woman who doesn't seem to have her own life.

3. Don't be TOO available for him

Men love challenges so to to keep him interested, try not to be too available for him. Spending each day of the week with him is not a good idea either. If you are still dating, seeing each other once or twice a week is good enough to keep things going and less boring.

Also, he does not need to know where you're at or whatever it is you are doing at any given moment you're not with him, unless he asks. Do not give him to much details, which he won't process much anyway. A bit of mystery will work wonders for the both of you.

4. Be confident and take care of your looks, always.

Take care of yourself and make it a point to look good, not just for others but for your own self-confidence. More importantly, add a new element in yourself, wardrobe each time. Never get stuck in having the same look for a long period of time.

When you wear jeans or pants all the time, try on a dress for a change. Even change your hair style or make-up regularly. Reinventing your looks never hurts as long as you are confident with it. Men love to look and appearing an entirely different look at certain times will keep him guessing each time.

5. Build a mystery

Since men love challenges you should be a mystery to keep him coming back for more. If you are still dating or in the early part of the relationship, do not tell him everything about your life, ex boyfriends and other not-so relevant information. It is understandable that he would want to find out your life story but never be tempted to tell him everything about you.

Just give him bulleted bits and pieces of your life but leave the juicy parts later on,or perhaps never. You are not lying, just witholding some information and this is alright. Don't let a man figure you out early, otherwise, he'll cut the chase before you even know it.

There you have it, the 5-step plan to keep a guy interested.


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    • gmmurgirl profile image

      Gei Moore 5 years ago from Pilipinas

      Hello Nare! Thank you very much for liking this hub. Have a great day.

    • profile image

      Destiny 5 years ago

      This really really helped me! Thanks:)

    • Nare Anthony profile image

      Nare Gevorgyan 5 years ago

      Oh, very interesting and useful. Voted up :)