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12 Things You Should Know Before Dating

Updated on December 16, 2016

Things You Should Know About Dating

When you are taking someone out on a first date, think about what makes he/her come home and tell his/her friends, "I had such a great time.” While it might have been the fashionable clothes he wore or maybe even his perfume, or likely something more than that. However, things that make a first date truly memorable are often found greater in the mental rather than the physical connections. Scaling through your first date successfully is a determining factor whether two of you who decide to hit it off will take your feelings to the next level or not.

Most people are always nervy when it comes to planning a first date with a new date they want around for a long time. Will everything go well? Will we have fun? The best way to ensure you have a nice date is to pick a place you know that you both will enjoy. Since this is your first outing, it is obvious that you know that you don’t know too much about your partner, so here are some tips to assist you have a great time.

  • Think about what you already know about your partner try to remember what you two have talked about together. It’s just a matter of showing your partner respect by taking into his/her view into consideration. What does your partner enjoy doing? What does your partner like eating? What does your partner hate? Don’t hesitate to ask your partner where he/she likes to hang out when he/she goes out after all the goal is to make him/her as comfortable as possible. Listen to her/him and then try to take him/her to some place similar, where he/she will be comfortable and where the two of you will have a great time. the other person for their opinion as to where you should go. However, try to avoid places you frequent very regularly as you are likely to run into lots of because you might end up irritating your partner with a constant stream of people coming up to you to exchange greetings.
  • Pick a place where you both can interact without things being awkward or you feeling like you are on an interview. Talk to your date and try to know him/her better. The main purpose of a first date is to get to know the person you're going on the date with. The outcome of this day will determine if there will be a second date. This is why going to the movies is not necessarily a great idea for first dates unless you have something else planned too.

  • We all have things in our life we’re not especially proud of, or that we don’t enjoy remembering. Maybe we’re even ashamed of what we’ve done or who we’ve been. Keeping off those tricky subjects is probably a smart move at the very beginning of a relationship. After all, if you don’t stay together, at least they won’t be taking all your secrets with them when you part. So steer clear of the subject until you’re ready to tell them, but make sure every step of the way that you’re not being dishonest. Because that’s going to be highly embarrassing when exposed in future.
  • When it comes to a first date, one of the most difficult parts can be simply agreeing on where to go and what to do. So try to be flexible. If the place eventually selected did not agree totally with you, try and appreciate the fact that the other person took the time to arrange everything and just go along with it if you can. You can take her/him out to dinner. Dinner is a nice option since it allows enough time for casual conservation, plenty of laughs, and a nice time. It let you both get to know one another and eat great food. If what you want is to have some time to talk and get to know each other, this one is the best option. Don’t pick an overly romantic place. Taking your partner somewhere usually reserved for close couples will make him/her feel uncomfortable; such as an overly fancy restaurant, or exotic place for dancing. He/she will feel almost as if you expect a lot from him/her. You want your partner to feel relaxed and at ease and get to know him/her gradually.

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  • Make sure you look nice on your first date in order to make a good impression. It’s not so hard to make your hair look nice and choose something to wear that is clean and smart and looks flattering on you. When he/she takes a look at you he/she will think, wow! –but without looking like you’re trying too much. Instead, remain casual and keep the atmosphere relaxed so that you can enjoy getting to know one another. A formal environment will only result in the both of you being on-guard for the evening.
  • Be yourself and let your charms shine through. This is perhaps the most important of all the points. You may be tempted to reinvent yourself when you meet somebody new who you really fancy. You may try to be who you think he/she is looking for. Your funny nature might be what caught his/her attention, so don’t become reserved in the first date. Don't be afraid to show your sense of humor. If you’re not being yourself on a first date, you are truly doing a disservice to the other person. Will you really want a lifetime of pretending? You can try to be more organized, or less negative. Changing your behavior is fine but not your basic personality. Might as well get all out in the open, and if your date isn’t interested in who you really is, then you’ll know it time to move on.
  • You need and deserve someone who loves you for who you are, not for who you’re pretending or trying to be. So as soon as you realize you’re with someone who doesn’t love you, you need to be really brave and end the relationship. You’ll feel bad losing them, but great for holding on to your pride, and one day you’ll look back and realize how courageous and right a decision it was.

  • Tell your partner he/she looks nice in his/her dress, when he/she is well packaged. We all need reassurance and encouragement. This help your partner feel cherished and cared for, and feel good about himself or herself. During interaction, be a good listener. A great conversationalist knows how to keep the conversation moving with a healthy mix of give and take. The more you focus on asking the other person questions, the more you’ll learn about him or her. If you allow your date to really open up and tell you about him/her, it’s quite likely that you’ll get the relationship will get better.
  • Be a little adventurous and creative because the first date is an opportunity to make a great first impression. Use your imagination. What can you do that will surprise, amaze and delight them? What can you do to make them feel really special and loved? What can you do that will show the true depth and immensity of your feeling for them? Just make sure it is not too showy, because it can cause unnecessary tension and awkwardness. Also make sure your partner will enjoy it. Have fun. This rule not only applies for a first date, but is also the goal for all that follow and is essential to make your time spent together memorable.
  • Be modest when it comes to making orders for the dinner or other activities. You can always split the cost of activities or you can just pay for all of it outright. At dinner if you think he/she might pick up the check or don’t know how much food to order, ask him/her what he/she is getting and choose a dish around the same price. When the check comes, offer to split it. If he/she insists on paying, don’t push it — just thank him/her.
  • Be optimistic. Endeavor to think positively when on a first date. This is the person you love more than anyone else. If you won’t go the extra mile for her/him, I presume you won’t go extra mile for anyone. Certainly they should come top of that list. He might not look exactly like your ideal man. His look shouldn’t determine his intelligence or sense of humor. Try not to pay much to his attention to his hair color. He might be the nicest person you have met in a while.
  • Remember that if you have initiated the plan, the final say should be yours for the first time. It shows decisiveness and the ability to take the lead, which is a plus point. So when it comes to saying goodnight, and you want to cap it with a kiss, don’t rush out of the car when he/she drops you off — move closer to him/her and keep eye contact. If it’s on his/her mind too, he/she will lean in.



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