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Ways to Recognize That Your Husband is Possibly Having an Affair

Updated on May 22, 2020
Brings wife gifts spontaneously and not on any holiday
Brings wife gifts spontaneously and not on any holiday
Very defensive--snaps at every question his wife asks
Very defensive--snaps at every question his wife asks

Husbands, if you try to cheat on your wife, you are not thinking

Ladies, I admire and respect you for many reasons. Probably the most-outstanding reason that I look at you this way is that you have this thing called “intuition,” that serves you better than hiring a private investigator to keep tabs on your husband round the clock.

Next, why would you even bother to hire a “P.I?” Obviously the act is all due to your intuition warning you all throughout the day and night that he is having a torrid affair and you, as his wife of 22 years, only have two questions: One, who is he having the torrid affair with? Two, why is he having a torrid affair? Women are so organized and settled that unlike men, they do not go nuts trying to answer too many questions.

His behavior changes. He used to love to sleep-in with his wife, now he shoots out of bed to go to work. Funny thing. He is unemployed
His behavior changes. He used to love to sleep-in with his wife, now he shoots out of bed to go to work. Funny thing. He is unemployed

It takes a wise lady to recognize the signs of adultery

In the beginning, when husbands are committing adultery, they do not think of anyone but themselves, the hot woman, the re-discovered excitement and refreshing surge of what testosterone is left in him. These things are “the” main focus of the husband who feels young and carefree as long as he is with his hot woman whom he meets in out-of-the-way places for fear that he and the hot woman will be discovered, suffer a nasty divorce and be legally-forced to live in a flea-bit, pay-by-the-week “flop house” in the nasty part of town and still have to pay alimony. All due to his attraction to the hot woman whose name is “Elaine.”

You have never been a simple-minded woman. In high school and college, you were at the top of your class. Your talents were more than amazing. And for the last two months, you suspected-strongly that your husband was seeing another woman because you learned

Ways to Recognize The Signs That Your Husband is Having an Affair

You cannot reach him
You cannot reach him
He gets more angry these days
He gets more angry these days
His behavior has changed. He used to sleep late with you, now he bolts from bed to get to work, but you think it's funny for he is unemployed
His behavior has changed. He used to sleep late with you, now he bolts from bed to get to work, but you think it's funny for he is unemployed
Defensive about every question you ask
Defensive about every question you ask
He seldom holds hands with you
He seldom holds hands with you
He is too distant with you to have a talk with him
He is too distant with you to have a talk with him

Your husband has suddenly . . .

BECOME VERY DRY -- his once-humorous puns and quips do not make you laugh anymore.

STOPPED TALKING -- to you at home, after church, or at an upscale restaurant.

CHANGED HIS APPEARANCE -- he was once a very conservative dresser. Now he dresses "to the nines" for work or on the rare occasion when he takes you to dinner.

BECOME SCARCE -- to you. He claims that his work has stepped-up and the company expects more of him.

LUNGES LIKE A WILD ANIMAL -- when he is relaxing at home and the phone rings. You suspect he thinks that the party calling is his hot woman.

BECOME INACTIVE -- he just sits in his recliner watching ESPN SportsCenter whereas he used to run, play softball with his friends, but it's like he is now allergic to activity.

RESISTS SEX -- with you when you make advances. Oh, in the first years of your marriage, he would not leave you alone. Now he just kisses the air in your direction and goes right to sleep.

NOT MAKING EYE-CONTACT -- with you anywhere you two may be. Time was he loved your eyes. Now it is like your eyes are the bright sun and his eyes are burned when he looks into them.

STARES -- out of the window in your living room, bedroom, and kitchen at mealtime. You sense he is having an affair and will not confess it to you, so you give him space and not prod him to talk about it.

ABSTAINS FROM -- holding hands with you because a month ago, the last time he held your hand, your hand was all wet and slimy when you got to the restaurant.

BUYS YOU GIFTS -- for no reason or holiday. He sometimes just comes into the house with armloads of huge packages all for you.

WHEN YOU ARE EATING OUT -- with him, you notice that he "eyes" every woman who walks by your table as if he is nervous about his hot woman accidentally frequenting this restaurant and he will be found in an awkward position.

BECOME DEFENSIVE -- about every question you ask him. EXAMPLE: "Hon, did yu get the dry cleaning?" YOUR HUSBAND: "Listen! I picked it up and put it up for you. Is there anything else you have to know?"

SNAPPY -- with his comments. EXAMPLE: "Can you please try to not spill the pot roast all over me?"

BECOME OVERLY-CURIOUS -- and gives you the "third degree" when you mention that one of your girlfriends was sharing that she happened to see you in town two days ago and you were laughing very loud." He becomes enraged. EXAMPLE: "Did 'Julie" say if I was alone or not?" "Why is it her business if I laugh or cry?"

IS JEALOUS -- about his hot woman, but will not say her name. He finally says that "this woman" who works with him is seeing this retired Navy captain and he feels that "she will only get hurt in the long run." You are stunned by his jealousy over someone besides you and you ask, "Hon, why are you acting jealous over "that" woman and not me?" He realizes that if he keeps this up, you will be more suspicious and replies, "Oh, it's just when you work with someone, you have this bond in your friendship and do not want your friend to get hurt. That's all." Then he leaps from his chair claiming that he is going to organize his workshop.

Note: Now you really get suspicious because he tore his workshop down two years ago.


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