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Ways to avoid a broken heart and to get a quick marriage proposal

Updated on October 17, 2014

A broken heart is a feeling of depression and sadness as a result of the lose of a loved one,either to the cold hands of death or the warm hands of someone else. The techniques in this article have helped not only me but thousands of people out there, am sure if followed; it will help you as well. At the end you will learn how to avoid a broken heart and how to get a man to propose as quickly as possible.

Studies has shown that 85% of men are highly emotional but make the habit of hiding their emotions pretty well, especially if they sense any sign of being left vulnerable, they kind of put up a guard when it comes to love and emotions, many of them will tell you “love is for weaklings” but I tell you, it’s all a charade they put up. They are more emotional than women the difference is that women show how they feel in every known way and at the slightest opportunity.
You find out women who are in love normally let themselves loose, and are always all over the man, they become so engrossed and entwined with the man that they fail to notice it, when the man is gradually withdrawing and shifting attention away from them.

6 key factors to guard and uphold

1. Never be the first to tell a man you love him even if you do wait and let him do the profession first. It’s good to be in love, but some men may take advantage of you if you start singing Tiffany Alvord's song “Baby I love you” put your emotions in check and wait for him to declare his love.
2. Avoid being all over him first, as in cuddling him, pecking him, squeezing him, fondling him thereby unintentionally, forcing him to respond in kind. You will never be able to find out if and when he eventually loves you, that is if he ever does.

Men when they finally fall in love and have tried every possible way hold back,or cover up without success have a very poor way of hiding their feelings. So you can easily tell when a man lets down his guards, he will be all over you and that song you so much wanted to sing would be his ringtone made especially for you.

3. Don’t be bossy or ordering him around. Remember men love authority and the feeling that they are in control, any attempt made by you to be bossy or commanding is like usurping his authority.
4. Don’t adapt to, or adopt his opinion unless he is absolutely right. Let him know when you are not in Support of an opinion or topic and give him the reason. Take your stance in whatever is right never compromise for anything, not even for love.
5. Avoid talking about yourself always, unless you are asked to, and when you’re asked to, be truthful and never tell him lie because if you do, he will find out someday sometime, and when he does he will never ever let his guard down to love you and this may eventually lead to his dumping you.Be selfless and think of ways to make him laugh and happy whenever he is with you.
6. Avoid chasing him all over the place with phone calls and text messages. be the chased and not the chaser let him have that position.

Causes of a broken heart
A. A woman who is always talking of marriage is easily dumped and heart broken because no man wants to be around a woman who is desperate for marriage, men generally love freedom and whenever they are ready to settle down, always want women chosen by them. So your talk of marriage pisses them off.
B.A women who gives herself freely to a man is open to being abandoned and jilted after the man must have had enough of her or have found some other girl to fill in his needs. So do all you can to avoid this. This part is very important in any relationship and I will tell you a proven secret of using this tactic to keep a man in your love nest forever.

C. Women who are known to shower men with money and gift are
prone to being dumped. This is because men believe women who shower them with
money are trying to buy their love and as such want to be in control of men and so
men used them, continue to accept these gifts from them for as long as they want until
these women are finally dumped.

D. Women who are over protective, or over jealous are easily dumped by men.Because they tend to monitor a man always, these type of women are often at the receiving end of a heart break. The reverse should be the case.
Men want to believe women are their properties and as such are always protective
of them when you now assume that position, you’re allowing yourself to be dumped.

E. Women who after getting a man’s attention, having a false feeling of security in the relationship, fail to take care of their skins and bodies. They become relaxed,thereby neglecting their physical look.

A woman such as this is easily dumped as soon as a man realizes,
she is no longer as attractive and alluring as she used to be .
You need to continue to look attractive in order to continue to
hold a man’s attention. It is negligence and the inability to take
care of the skin that makes some women unattractive.


A marriage proposal is a request or demand to spend eternity with a loved one, starting a family together if they so desire.

Unless we try to avoid the subject or pretend it never exists, SEX is a determining factor in any marriage proposal. In fact it makes or mare a relationship. It is the life wire of a relationship and how you get a man to propose to you depends on this.
Please if you are one of those women who is always looking to get pleasure but does not know how to give pleasure in return I will advise you learn the cons and pros of satisfying a man because all men are known to be sexually inclined and active.So if you want to get a man’s love, undivided attention, devotion and proposal, an essential thing you must learn is the game of love making otherwise you tend to be dumped, as soon as he finds out your inactive performance in bed.
I advise you study the techniques of pleasing a man if you want to keep your marriage, relationship or you want a marriage proposal fast, study to learn all you need to know about love making.You can go to Google and search for websites that teach the techniques of love making. Here in this article i will teach you how to apply these techniques and skill you acquired and make a man want you desperately as to offer you a marriage proposal. Most people say the way to a man’s heart is his belly but study has shown that the way to a man’s heart is his entire body.

Do you know what it means to ask for your hand in marriage? It means the man is placing so much value on you than any other woman in his life and he feels losing you is like losing life itself. So you must possess that value,virtues, features that make you distinct or different from other women.
What makes you different is the ability to give him what other women don’t often give him and when you actually know how to please him which he does not find with other women, this distinct factor is what will make you a candidate for marriage, in actual fact his candidate for life. It takes a special woman to get a man’s undivided affection and attention
Next after learning all that you need to know about how a man’s system works and how to give him that distinct pleasure he had little or no knowledge of, it's time to practice your new skill on him.
Show him your new acquired skill the first time, I can assure you he will be wanting more and please be sure to turn him down lovingly and make sure thereafter you are always turning him down. Wait for about one or two months then give him a reminder of what he could have for life if he so desires.
Never bring up the issue of marriage, the next time he demands tell him, both of you should go gently on this sex issue because you are preserving your body for when you finally find the right man. At that point he would wonder if he is not right enough for you and the thought of some other man coming to enjoy what he is enjoying would be mind blowing for him, and so you have planted that seed of wanting you for life. What is now left is to continue to nurture that seed so as to make him propose.
Become indispensable to him and how do you do this, get to know the game he likes best, get to know his passion, study and be knowledgeable about his job, familiarize yourself with it. Introduce some intellectual games to him, like scrabble. When he is less busy, teach him to play if he doesn’t know how to. He will see how intelligent you are. Give him advice as regards his job whenever he wants answers to some confusing questions. The reason you must be knowledgeable about his job, passion, his likes, is to be there for him when he needs some boost, advice, support, encouragement as regards these. Doing this will make you indispensable and a must have. He thinks of you, when you are not with him.pTime to make him jealous, jealousy is all a man needs to jot him up and make him

Time to make him jealous, jealousy is all a man needs to jot him up and make him realize he can't afford to lose you, to another man. This will push him and make him see how important and indispensable you are to him. I can assure you he will declare his intention and make you his, and of course unavailable to other men.

Whenever you’re with him and your phone rings, leave him and run outside. Pretend to be speaking to a man. Then say something like this at the end of your supposed conversation. “I will meet you there”, pause and finish the call by saying "ok bye i promise not to keep you waiting». Pray that during this time a call does not come in, because if it does then your show is over. Please make sure to cut the connection before you start this jealousy spurring speech of yours, otherwise that person that called you might call again better still make arrangement with a female friend of yours, to call you whenever you are with him.

Go back in and pretend to be preparing for an outing. Dress your hair; paint your nails, make-up. When he asks you where you’re going, tell him “across the road or down the street to get some things. If he reacts angrily then I say “CONGRATULATIONS” you’re on your way to becoming a bride. All you need do at this point is to cool him down affectionately with soothing words before he blows up on you and let him know you need more of his attention.
Finally take a sabbatical leave, make yourself absent for maybe a week or two. Let him miss you and realize he can’t leave without you. This is very important in order to jot him psychologically,which will bring him to the shocking fact that if he could miss you for one week he could miss you forever.
I can assure you this technique has worked not only for me but for thousands of girls out there. Please make sure you contact me when you finally use this to get your marriage proposal.

Thanks for reading.
Funke Kareem


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