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Ways to propose marriage to your girl friend

Updated on January 7, 2013

Popping the 4 words question "Will You Marry Me?" can be a nerve cracking experience. However it is a question we must all ask if we found our other halves and it is time to settle down. So here are some creative ways to propose to our girl friends when the time comes for us to do so.

As most likely we will only have one go with the question, thus we should try our utmost best, going all the way to get a "yes" response. This may include splurging out the best that we can afford.Therefore, presented below are three ways to set the mood for making the proposal.

Go Beyond Conventional but be Romantic

When it comes to making a marriage proposal, most people always have a hard time. The whole idea of getting on one knee and saying the four magic words is somewhat considered conventional, but you can be sure people have proposed in more than a million ways.

The key thing about making a great proposal is creating the right conditions for the right answer. This means you have to know who you are proposing to quite well as well as the things that they need or want the most from you. The classic romantic proposal has been undoubtedly one of the best ways to propose to a woman.

Will You Marry Me?

1) Go Back to Where it all Started

Romance is a vital part of a great proposal. Making the environment romantic involves including those special moments and things that you share together as a couple.

One of the most romantic moves that you can make could be to take your loved one back to the place where you first met. Bringing back memories of where the relationship first started off. Just make sure you remember exactly where it was or the whole plan could fall apart.

Once you have picked out the place, exclusivity is what puts romance in the marriage proposal. If you could book the entire restaurant, it would make a great exclusive proposal. Is you are not able to book the entire restaurant; you could reserve a special seat or even a rooftop spot.

Candle-lit dinners are always a taker. Once you have reserved your table, having the lights dimmed down and enjoying the lighting of scented candles can really help you to get in the romance mood. Once the mood is right, you can get down on one knee and pop the question.

2) Use the Movie Theater

Another creative way to make your proposal is in a movie theater when the both of you are watching a movie. The best part to do so is before the movie starts. Usually the theater will have a slide show which advises people to switch off their mobile phones during the movie. Your proposal can be presented as one of the slide.

Let the slide with your proposal be the last one and make it stands out so that it will be noticed. Thus at the moment she saw the slide, you pop in the question again to her. Don’t forget to kneel down like in the movies off-course.

3) Buy a BillBoard Ad

If the both of you frequent a road with advertising billboards, than making your proposal using one of the bill board will be another creative way of proposing to her. Buy the whole ad space of one of the billboard and place your proposal onto the billboard.

It could be a portrait of you popping the question to her. Just make sure you don’t overshoot the particular billboard and make sure there is a safe area for you to stop your car after she seen the ad. Well this is for you to physically proposing to her after she seen your ad in the billboard.

In all cases, make sure the most important thing, the ring in a small box is not forgotten.And hope fully the above ways can help you make your day when the time comes.

(PS - Don't Go Crazy Overboard like the guy in the video below :) )

Now this Marriage Proposal is SOMETHING - I personally will not try this.


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