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We Must Become a Voice for the Voiceless

Updated on November 20, 2018
Author Cheryl profile image

Author Cheryl is an advocate for abused women and children. Her goal is to educate women regarding financial abuse.

We are Born to be Loved

No matter where we live or who are parents are, we are all born to be loved. Well for at least half of us. This world has become so hateful and you wonder are you safe to go any where. You look over your shoulder to be certain of your surroundings.

Every man, woman, child and animal were given a chance at this thing called life but where did it go hay wire. Has our brains become so chemically twisted that we must abuse the very people that love us.

Do you take it out on your child because their father walked out and left you to raise your children alone? Do you yell at your parents and try to hit them because you feel you can do whatever you want to do to them even if they are elderly? Do you feel pleasure out of starving your dog or kicking your dog?

As we learn more about mental illness we find that people that do these things are not sane. A loving child just doesn't go out and murder their parent just to do it. Somewhere in their lives something went wrong. The bully at school, the abusive husband, the abusive mother and abusive relatives all have issues that they can't face so they take it out on others.

We are not always in that kind of family but over half the population is. If you are walking down this road you need to get help. No one deserves abuse of any kind.

Let Your Voice Be Heard


Statistics of Abuse

On average, 24 people per minute are victims of rape, physical violence or stalking by an intimate partner. In the United States more than 12 million women and men over the course of a year are abused. A child witnessed violence in 22% (nearly 1 in 4) of intimate partner violence cases filed in state courts. Over a million domestic animals are abused every year. One in four children are abused every minute.

These numbers are staggering and as we watch these horrible video's unravel on social media it has to make you wonder why no one is reporting the abuse. People would rather watch someone getting beat up then to help them.

At these moments in life someone needs to step up and say "hey stop that its not right."

Abandonment of a child is a crime

Child Abuse Needs To End

One in four children are abuse every minute either by the mother, their boyfriend or a relative. If your boyfriend is not the father of your baby do not leave your child with him.

Men only feel spiteful to watch another mans child and they take it out on the voiceless. The child who can never tell on them. Be their voice. Report it before the child has been abused so badly they die. If you can not report that your child is abused then you deserve the same punishment as the abuser. You are just as guilty.

Those of us that live in Jacksonville Florida remember Lonzie Barten who was abused by the mothers boyfriend why she was at work. The boyfriend is sitting in prison for the next 20 years for the death of him. He hid the body and told the police that his car was hijacked and the baby was in the car. He beat the child until he died then threw his body on a pile of trash that no one could find. 20 years will never be enough for the suffering that child went through.

Abuse Doesnt Always Leave Marks


Abuse is Not Always Visable

Abuse comes in many forms beyond physical. It is actually a form of domestic terrorism. Abuse can be financial, name calling, making you feel worthless, isolating you from your friends and family.

This is a non exhaustive list of some signs of abuse, if you recognise any of these in your or anyone else’s relationship please call Women’s Aid for advice help and support:
Consistent, deliberate disrespectful behaviour.
Controlling behaviour.
Isolation/Cutting you off from family and friends
Demeaning/belittling you and your contributions
Sexually assaulting you/demanding sex/forcing you to do things you don’t want to do.
Financially controlling you or taking your money.
Shouting at you/calling you names/talking down to you
Spying on you
Physical violence of any kind
Any attempts to control you or your behaviour
This is not love by any means. If it is happening to you then leave. Most women will leave their abusers 7 times before leaving them for good. Leave before he takes your life. There is help out there for anyone who is living in an abusive relationship.

Stop Animal Cruelty



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    • profile image


      2 years ago

      Hello Cheryl,

      The subject of Abuse of any kind is near and dear to me. I applaud you exposing such darkness in this Hub. It is truly disheartening...the more light we shine on this sickness...the less done in the dark!

    • Virginia Allain profile image

      Virginia Allain 

      2 years ago from Central Florida

      So sad that people suffer these abuses.


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