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We all have our secrets

Updated on June 16, 2015

Our secrets: Males

  1. Spend a lot of time in the toilet and bathrooms: males spend a lot of time in the toilet and in the bathrooms and pretend they don't. In the toilet, it does not necessarily mean that they are excreting a lot, the delay could be because of one distraction or the other. Like playing games, watching a moving, talking on the phone, social media and other numerous reasons. In the bathroom, men love to take long showers. They could just stay under the shower, letting the water run down their bodies.
  2. Still report daily events to their mums: many men are guilty of this. No man will agree to the fact that he is a "mama's boy". But the truth is, about 95% of men report their daily activities to their mum. Whether it be about a girl, about work, an achievement, they just keep that special time out for "mummy".
  3. Talk about girls with their male friends: this is a very common trait with all boys and some of them do not let go of it after boyhood. They still have out with their friends and talk about the girls in their lives, or the girls about to get into their lives. They laugh about girls and even make silly comments when some girls pass by. It is very common with every man.
  4. Check sup on their ex-girlfriends: when the lady was the one who broke up the relationship, most men still call from time to time to just find out how she is. Other times, men call to keep tabs on their ex-girlfriend's progress relationship-wise. They want to know whether she has moved on or has a new boyfriend. Most men secretly hope that their ex-girlfriends are worse than how they used to be while dating either physically or emotionally.
  5. Spend time making sure they look good: unlike the general belief that men don't spend time dressing up or trying to look good, men do. Men want to look good at all times. Either when going to work, or going on a stroll, or going to the supermarket. They believe that they have to look impressive, because they don't want to meet "a new catch" looking shabby and unkept.

Behind that hard exterior, there is that part that only you can see
Behind that hard exterior, there is that part that only you can see

Our secrets: Females

  1. Put on a little make up and call it "no make up": the trend of "no make up pictures" is very false these days. Many girls put on a little make up to cover up a few appalling spots or blackheads and tag it "no make up". Don't be deceived, just a little brow powder, a smug of pale pink lipstick/gloss and they pull of the "no make up" figure.
  2. Fart secretly and laughs over it: in public, females behave as though farting is an abnormality. When they are home, they have long loud smelly farts that even make them laugh at themselves.Sometimes, they squeeze their faces and make silly faces in other to allow the fart come out.
  3. Lie about being on their period: for reasons best known to ladies, lying about being on their period is an achievement. Especially when they are in a sexual relationship and are not in "the mood" ,they lie to their partners that they are on their periods. Some ladies also use it as a means to dodge some work in their offices.
  4. Watch porn: people believe that only men watch porn. That ideology is very wrong. In this generation, the percentage of porn viewers are more females than males. Out of every 3 females, 2 are regular porn viewers. The only thing wrong with this is that, females tend to judge males that watch porn, meanwhile, they are doing the exact same thing.
  5. Obsess over their ex boyfriends initially: after a breakup, females regularly think about their ex-boyfriends. Even when they are the party that propagated the breakup, they usually keep tabs on their ex. The funny thing is that, men keep tabs mostly by calling their ex, but on the contrary, women become stalkers. They will mist likely not call their ex to check up on him, but they will have him followed or talk his social media. The sight of any girl with him spites a monstrous jealousy in their guts. Females pay more attention to their ex after a breakup than when they are actually dating.

Girl have those thing they hide
Girl have those thing they hide

Home many of these are you guilty of?

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