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Wearing Womans Clothing And Washing My Delicates

Updated on December 12, 2007

A Man Wearing Womens Lingerie

You can easily tell the time of year...

No excuses on my part are required. I've been lax posting. You are probably losing patience but then again maybe you too are busy. I don't have anything original to share, just an update into my activities.

I was shopping today for Christmas presents and I spent a great deal of time in the ladies wear department. I must have checked each and every rack, lots of deals to be found. I was looking for gifts for my daughters and wife, between them, I get to look at all sizes.

The lingerie department had some pretty chiffon baby-dolls and other assorted satin sleepwear. I shop here in person throughout the year, so looking over the bras and panties I didn't see anything in particular that I wanted. I did however notice a new rack of fashion corsets, designed to be sexy in bed. I thumbed through them and found some to be available in my 3XL size. I guess even the big girls like to feel sexy.

At the back of the ladies wear department I came across a rack of discontinued and clearance items. Looking closer I discovered a lacy camisole in a 3XL sizing, it was obviously made for tall girls, it's length was extra long...perfect for me. It stretches easily as it is a cotton-poly blend with spandex. I promptly put it in with all the other gifts I had acquired. I might as well buy something for myself.

At the moment of writing this I am wearing this beautiful camisole and a pair of panties under my ladies jeans and navy ladies polo top. I am a man, but I am fully clothed in womans garments. I can easily pass as a man when I venture outside. I will also wear my ladies running shoes.

As I write this I am washing all my lingerie delicates in the laundry room and hanging them to dry. That is a sight in itself, pretty panties and bras, camisoles and satin chemises hanging to dry..mmmhhh.

I slept last night in one of my delicious satin sleep shirts, of course I was wearing my panties also, they are all I wear.

Wow I feel so at ease in womans clothing, it does something to me.


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    • profile image

      Feminineme 5 years ago

      I have worn panties and other feminine attire since I was twelve years old. I am now twenty-two years old. I began with some of my mothers lingerie. I am now attending college and wear panties everyday. There is just something about knowing I am wearing panties that has become a part of my day. I have purchased panties, and sleepwear by catalog and in person, and have no hang-ups in doing so.

    • profile image

      blackknickerslover 5 years ago

      I adore black knickers, I wear them every day, have done for years, and will continue to do so. Nightwear for me is a womens black silkskin leotard, so soft smooth, stretchy and comfortable, just love it, and why not?

    • profile image

      dean 6 years ago

      i m looking to go to a club in a dress is there anyone that can help me

    • profile image

      superboy66 6 years ago

      I love wearing nylon panties and crotchless tights.Green and purple are my favs

    • profile image

      Rick 6 years ago

      I also love wearing womens lingerie - I'd happily change them every day. I'd stop at the heels though (more cuban heels for me!)

    • profile image

      robert-hathaway 6 years ago

      im amale who loves dressing up in female clothing short skirts blouses stocking high heels with a 6 inch heelwith female lingerie under and makeup and a waist length wig and party this way

    • profile image

      feminineboy 6 years ago

      I also like to wear lingerie and silky sleepwear. I wear panties and a bra under my male clothing every day. I also wear womens clothing in public. Including dresses and skirts. I do not try to look totally like a woman. I am just a man that likes to wear womens clothing. It makes me feel so very feminine and pretty.

    • Rikkie Lee profile image

      Rikkie Lee 7 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      Hi Jenni,

      Being very similar to you, I wear lingerie and silky sleepwear all the time too, and in the same way my mother taught me so many years ago, hand launder almost all of my delicates and hang them on the line to day.

      It's always so nice seeing my pretty lingerie right beside my wife's, whether inside or on the line in the backyard!

    • profile image

      Joe 7 years ago

      How did the subject of men wearing panties get tangled up with the idea of a fetish or obsession. Recovering fron an operation in an area too delicate to talk about, my urologist recommended that I wear drug store "No Nonsense" microsoft women's briefs for 60 days, mainly because they are light as a feather, and didn't have to deal with that thick vertical seam found on men's underwear. Reluctantly, I agreed to wear the briefs. After two months, I began to really appreciate the softness and comfort of panties--or should I call them female underwear--, and when returning to men's underwear it was as though I was like wearing a tight sling-shot. I couldn't wear boxer shorts because of the lack of support. In any event, acting more like a man than a sneak, I discussed the matter with my wife who did not feel threatened seeing her husband in female underwear. She recommended Vanity Fair "soft essentials," no frills, underwear, as well some exceedingly soft "Barely There" underwear. Since then I have slowly expanded my choices, and enjoy Vanity fair highcut"Caress underwear, but continue have no interest in super-feminine frilly underwear. I wish that men with fetishes, or cross dressers would stay out of this debate or at very least find another web sit. I wear "panties" for comfort, and for no other reason. You know, it's amazing how many women respond favorably to me when I tell them I'm have switched to underwear manufactured for women because they are more comfortable. Nothing more need be said. They understand the logic, and by doing this I diffuse any psychological discussion of my motivations.. I always get a favorable response from sales woman in department stores and friends, male and female. If you simply tell people you like to wear panties, then you come across as a jerk, and a really sick guy. Beyond all this, the subject is not worth talking about. There are more important things to do, like reading a book, making money or climbing a mountain. One more thig, I've had my best luck shopping at Kohls or Kohls on line as well as "her" room" on line.

    • profile image

      Doug 7 years ago

      I also wear clothes I bought in the women's department while not trying to fool anyone that I am a woman. Like you, I am comfortable shopping for clothes that I like, and I have never received a negative reaction, and in fact, people are usually extra friendly to me.

      To sneakorocksolid I would say that the odds are that some of your duck blind buddies like fem stuff too, they just don't talk about it for fear of ridicule and rejection. I also don't think it is a big deal at all and that God is concerned about who we are and how we treat each other than what clothes we wear.

    • profile image

      sneakorocksolid 8 years ago

      Dear SatinJenni, I don't know what to think. How did this happen to you? What do you think inspired this fetish? I am religious but I try to be open minded. I do the hunting and fishing thing and nothing like that has ever come up in the duck blind. I'm happy you enjoy your fun and as long as no one gets hurt go for it. Keep writing, it was fun reading it eventho I can't imagine where it comes from. I do sometimes when me and my wife are folding clothes put a pair of her panties on my head just to fire her up. Thats about as goofy as I get, clothes wise. Peace.

    • SatinJenni profile image

      SatinJenni 8 years ago from Burlington Ontario Canada


      Very presumptuous of you to assume I have a gender identity disorder. I'm well aware of my masculinity and to this point in life it has served me well. I do enjoy my fetish lifestyle, enough so that I write about it here in Hub Pages.. It is my hope that by continuing to interpret my writing (both here and at my Blog) you can gain freedom from the narrow minded predisposition that religion often brings.

      Best Wishes Jenni

    • profile image

      sneakorocksolid 8 years ago

      I will pray for you weather you accept my comments or not. Im sorry you're gender confused and I wish the input you recieved from birth had been more positive. Im not perfect either and have my own issues but I worry about those who come after us what kind of life are setting them up for. Im firm believer in letting our children grow with a clean slate not influenced by our issues. Take care. Peace.

    • profile image

      sneakorocksolid 8 years ago

      Are you ok? I think you may need to change your diet. All I know is change your underwear daily don't where white socks with your good slacks and run like hell if you see a man in a MooMoo comeing out of the womens changing room at Dillards!


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