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Wedding Anniversary Gifts - A Few Great Ideas

Updated on July 4, 2012
Wedding anniversary gift ideas are more about the thought than the gift itself.
Wedding anniversary gift ideas are more about the thought than the gift itself.

Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Celebrating a wedding anniversary is a wonderful and special time in any couples marriage. Staying together, loving each other and building a life and family together all take dedication, loyalty, respect, love and friendship.

When the time comes to remember the vows taken before family and friends, pledging life long love and commitment, it certainly calls for a celebration. But what should you buy for a wedding anniversary gift these days? Here are some helpful wedding anniversary gift ideas:

Celebrating the Month of Marriage

There are so many ways you can acknowledge the sanctity of marriage, and one unique approach is to celebrate the month that your wedding took place.

Every month of the year has a symbolic or special meaning which offers a wide variety of choices for gifts. Above all, the gift should be meaningful and special, and that does not mean that you need to max out your credit card.

Choose from precious stones, fragrances, beautiful posies of flowers and blooms, or even pick out an arrangement of flowers that featured at the wedding, in a bouquet or for a table arrangement .

Gifts for the year of the marriage

If your anniversary is not a milestone year (5 years, 25 years, etc.), why not get creative with your gifts, and celebrate the year that the marriage took place. Put together a compilation of music from the year that you got married, or find an original newspaper from that year. You can buy original archived copies on line, and you can even specify the exact date.

What was the fashion in the year you got married? A fun gift like a pair of leg warmers will be a cheeky reminder of that year. Whether it is music, food, fashion or a specific venue that will wow your spouse, you will be able to find something that means a lot to them. Even better, invite friends to celebrate with you dressed in the era appropriate clothes.

Traditional wedding anniversary gifts

If you want to go the nostalgic route, you can pick from items using the list of traditional wedding gift ideas.

Items such as wood, for the 5th year anniversary and pottery for the 9thwedding anniversary, will engage your creative side as you come up with something that suits both the receiver of the gift, matches the appropriate traditional criteria, and properly expressing your love for your spouse. While challenging, the task is not entirely impossible and you can really let your imagination run wild.

Wedding Anniversary gifts for Parents

Obviously, wedding anniversary gift purchases for a spouse, may not be entirely appropriate for parents or in laws, as they celebrate their wedding anniversary. It can also be difficult to be creative with parents or even grandparents, on those special milestone anniversaries.

When gifting an older couple for a wedding anniversary, they may prefer something more sentimental, rather than something that is simply costly.

Photographs in hand-made frames by grandchildren, a collage of wedding day photographs mounted in a modern frame, mouse pads printed with family pictures, and even a calendar printed with photographs of special times through the years all make wonderful anniversary gifts for parents or grandparents. And of course, don’t forget the original wedding photograph for the month of their wedding.

Wedding anniversary gifts for close friends

Buying a wedding anniversary gift for a close friend or sibling may be somewhat more relaxed and less formal, depending on the couple for whom you are buying. Add your own touch of humor to personalize your gift, and the couple will feel special knowing that you had them in mind when you put the gift together. Try and make the gift more about the thought and less about the spending

Fun and sassy t-shirts, personalized, embroidered pillow cases with their initials, chocolate body paint, quirky his and her kitchen gadgets, personalized puzzles and even wine with personalized labels are fun wedding anniversary gifts that are still very special.

For a milestone anniversary, the gifts can be a bit more serious, but still reflect the couple. A wooden bench for the garden, engraved with the names of the people that gave them the bench, the date of their wedding and a small note, will be something that couples can keep forever.

Plant a tree in their name, or have a small tree or shrub that can be planted at home, delivered with a plaque to their front door. Flowers will die, but trees are the perfect expression of everlasting love. Regardless of the gift, make sure that you are thinking about the couple and you will do fine.

No matter who the wedding anniversary gift is intended, if you think about the recipient, you are likely to make an impression. A little more time thinking about the gift and a little less time actually shopping will go a long way in buying that perfect wedding anniversary gift. No matter what, you thoughtfulness, will ultimately be the criteria for successful gift giving.


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      Nora 3 years ago

      Karen Cody - We are interested in getntig a wedding estimate for a date in October 2013 and what exactly the cost of the site and wedding reception will include (i.e., cake, dinner, open bar, linens, table, appetizers, etc.)Thanks, karen

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      JACQUELINE 3 years ago

      TO DAVID



    • T. R. Brown profile image

      T. R. Brown 5 years ago from Nashville, TN

      Bonnie, what a clever take on the clock idea. Very cool!

    • profile image

      Bonnie 5 years ago

      My husband got me a rainbow sundial that he found online. It sits on the windowsill and makes rainbow colors in our room whenever the sun hits it, and he had them add a date line that the time shadow will follow on our anniversary each year. What a cool clock!