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Create a Wedding Cake Centerpiece

Updated on February 2, 2017

Wedding or Shower Cake Centerpiece

Mulit colored fresh flowers make this cake festive for any color scheme.
Mulit colored fresh flowers make this cake festive for any color scheme.
A definite yellow, green and polka dot theme for this wedding shower.
A definite yellow, green and polka dot theme for this wedding shower.

A colorful wedding cake makes a unique centerpiece for a shower, but it is a bit of work. In these photos, using the same basic white cake, we decorated one with fresh flowers and the second with silk flowers.
Start with three hatboxes that will probably be a set of two or three. TIP: A good place to buy your hat boxes is Ebay. There are quite a few available, but don't buy the cheapest. You need them to be sturdy.

1.Hat Boxes.
2.A plastic coffee can lid, or some plastic lid about 5 inches in diameter
3.Holding florist’s tape(this is a very sticky narrow tape that comes in white and green)
4.White interior flat paint 1 quart
5.Sealer paint 1 quart
6.Liquitex Professional White Gesso Super Heavy, find at an art store
7.A knife for “frosting” your cake
8.Elmer’s glue
9.Foam. If you are using fresh flowers, you use OASIS foam, for silk flowers you need SAHARA foam.
10.Water tubes if you are using fresh flowers.( find them at Michaels)
11.Ribbons and trims and flowers.

Turn the hatboxes over and using Elmer’s glue, go around the rim of each box and glue them together. Let these dry thoroughly before you proceed.
Now use your white base coat and paint the entire surfaces of the boxes. Let dry.
You are ready to ice your cake with Liquitex Super Heavy Gesso. Use your icing knife and apply rather like you were decorating a cake. It ain’t easy, but without this icing, you have boxes not a cake. Let this dry according to the instructions on the bottle.

FOAM: the foam is an anchor for the flower stems and sits on the top of the cake. If you are using fresh flowers, cut the OASIS foam to fit inside the inverted coffee can lid which should be slightly smaller than your top layer. Tape it securely with the super sticky floral tape, and then drop it in a sink of water. Don’t push it down let it sink. Once it has thoroughly soaked, dry the bottom of your lid and glue it to the top box.
If you are using silk flowers, do the same but use Sahara and do not wet the foam.
You are ready to decorate. Assemble all your fresh flowers and begin with your topper by inserting stems into your wet foam. While you work on the lower cake layers, place the entire topper into a sealed plastic bag and save it in the refrigerator.
For flowers going down the side of the cake, you can insert your flower stems into the water tubes then punch holes in the hatbox to hold the tubes where you want them.
Add ribbon and bow, pearls and rhinestones for fun.

You will need a glue gun. Using silk flower foam (Sahara), stick your stems into the foam and glue the foam to the top of the cake to create your topper. Then randomly decorate as desired.
These cakes are fun, but I admit they are a lot of work.


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    • mslizzee profile image

      elizabeth 6 years ago from Buncombe County, NC

      thank you Poonya :)

    • Om Paramapoonya profile image

      Om Paramapoonya 6 years ago

      Very cool. Sounds like it could be a fun project. Plus, wedding centerpieces can be outrageously expensive nowadays. Making our own centerpiece can help us save quite a bit of money. Rate up and useful. :)