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Wedding Checklist Timeline And Planning Tips

Updated on October 16, 2013

A wedding checklist timeline will definitely do you good - if you are someone who has no clue how to prepare for a wedding. Our timeline can help you find out where to get married, finding out the average wedding cost, and we’ve even provided a wedding budget worksheet. All of these things are extremely important when it comes to your own wedding and if you don’t have a wedding planner, you will need a timeline to help sort through everything. Here are a couple things you will need to when preparing for your wedding:

  • Create a folder on your laptop entitled “Wedding”. You want to keep a backup copy of all the information you’ve written on paper, just in case you lose that paper.

  • Find out how much you will be able to spend on the wedding, using the wedding budget worksheet that we’ve given you.

  • Write a list of the people that you plan on inviting. You should invite friends, a few close co-workers, everyone in the family and of course - your parents!

  • Figure out if you’d like to have separate locations for the wedding. You may have one different location for the ceremony and another for the reception.

  • Research any bands, florists, or caterers.

  • Don’t forget to book a photographer. This is one of the most important things because you want to keep memories by holding onto those dear pictures of your wedding that you cherish so much!

  • Start looking for pre-made invitations you can use. This will save you time instead of having to make your own.

Where to get married

You’re wondering where to get married, right? Finding the perfect place for your wedding isn’t always easy, especially if you are arguing with your fiance about it. If the two of you aren’t able to compromise on a place, at least consider other places that we’ve provided in the list below.

The Beach

Imagine having a wedding during the sunset on the beach. The best part about having a wedding at the beach is that you aren’t required to pay a fee. Set up a row of chairs and even put up a altar made of flowers.

The Park

There are many couples who have had their weddings at the park. In fact, holding your wedding at the park is a great choice, especially if you are on a budget. Have your wedding right next to the lake at the park if you like. This way you can get some great pictures with the lake as the background.

In the church

Setting up a formal wedding, eh? This is just what your parents wanted so you might as well go with it. Remember to let your guests know that they must wear formal attire for the wedding. The best thing about a church wedding is that it is quiet in the church and no one will bother you.

Hall Rental

Renting a hall means that you’ll be shielded from the rain and you also don’t have to be in the church. If your husband’s family is not catholic, he may not want to be in the church so this is a better choice for the two of you.

Average wedding cost

Besides figuring out your wedding checklist timeline, you need to figure what the cost of the wedding will be. Weddings are usually anywhere from $3,000 to even $50,000, depending on what you are spending your money on. A huge guest list could make the price rise, especially since everyone needs to eat. Remember that you need to buy things like wedding favors, food, and also decor for the wedding.

The Wedding Poll

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Wedding budget checklist

A wedding budget checklist will help you determine what you need and also how much you’ll need to save up. Let’s say for example, you have your cake on the checklist. After inquiring the caterer how much it would cost, they quoted you $100 on the cake. You’ll need to add up all the totals and double check to see if you forgot anything.

There are plenty of wedding budget calculators you can use to help find out the cost of the wedding. For example, a calculator will ask how much each favor cost and add it to the list. The list will be saved and then calculated once you’ve added all of the items. Here is a checklist of everything you need to include to figure out your budget:

  • Flowers, Bouquets, and Decor

  • Suits and Bridesmaid dresses

  • Food, Cake, and Dessert

  • Wedding favors

  • The wedding dress and the groom’s suit

  • Invitations

  • The bride and grooms rings

These are just a few basic items that you need to think about before you start planning your wedding. Besides these, there are also many more you will need to add to the list.

Putting together your wedding checklist timeline

In order to put everything together, you need to find out the times. Here is some advice on how to do this.

  • During the first few weeks, start looking for a photographer and also a band. It is very difficult to find these service providers if you look at the last minute.

  • Once you have announced the engagement, it is time to put a list of people together who you will invite. Do this at least four months before the wedding.

  • Schedule to have the invitations sent out about 1 month ahead of time so that way no one forgets the wedding and they can take a day off as not to miss it.

  • You can throw an engagement party months ahead of the wedding if you like.

  • One month ahead of the wedding,, you should be doing things like purchasing your dress and reserving a hall.

  • About two months before the wedding, set up your honeymoon. You might need to book a hotel for this since you will be leaving right after the wedding.

  • This is also the same time you should arrange for your transportation (trolley, taxi, limo, etc)


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