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Wedding Colors that Compliment Each Other

Updated on January 2, 2014
Shown above is a standard color wheel that incorporates primary and secondary colors.
Shown above is a standard color wheel that incorporates primary and secondary colors. | Source

Wedding Colors

Weddings are my definition of a combination of extreme anxiety, high stress, and full blown excitement. This special event stores so many memories and emotions, lots and lots of emotions! You can get so overwhelmed at times, especially if things aren't going how you imaged them to. Don't fret, everything will turn out in the end, just take it one small step at a time.

A bride and groom have many things on their check off list, well, mostly the bride. After the dress shopping, choosing the ceremony and reception areas, picking your bridesmaids, food arrangements, your next and most important step is the wedding colors. This is a crucial step in your wedding planning that can either have a positive or negative outcome. The colors can and do say a lot about what type of person you are. Will you pick bold colors, bright colors, or your earthy tones?!

I personally think that earthy tones are so great for wedding colors but I have also seen so many beautiful weddings that have done bright colors. It just depends on what you envision your wedding to look like and feel.

The colors that look fantastic are those that compliment each other. Try looking at a color wheel and do a little bit of researching. Decide if you like warm tones or cool. Start out by picking one warm color and one cool color from the color wheel and do some research. I am sure those colors have already been done by someone.

On the color wheel there are primary colors. Primary colors are sets of colors that can create different colors. There are three: red, yellow, and blue. There are also secondary colors which when you take the primary colors and mix them they create the secondary colors: orange, green, and purple. There are also tertiary colors which when you take one primary and one secondary and mix them they will create a tertiary color such as gray or brown. I would recommend just looking at all the colors and playing around with different combinations. Take a darker tone and a lighter tone and see if you can come up with other tones that will look good with those. For example: take green and brown. Think of some tones that can really go well with these colors, like champagne.

I have come up with some great color combinations for you. These will definitely give you a good start for your special day. I think these really compliment each other and look amazing together.

(Pictures below)

Brown and Green:

Very earthy and elegant and would be perfect for any wedding

Purple and Yellow:

If you are bold and want a very unique wedding try this combination. I love it because it uses a bright and dark tone

Yellow and Gray:

I love this combo because it is easy on the eyes yet has a burst of color. The gray really compliments the yellow and eases it's brightness.

Champagne and Pink:

If you want a hint of color to your wedding but don't want something very bright or dark. This theme is very light and easy on the eyes.

Brown and Green Combination

This combination looks absolutely stunning. These are the colors that I used in my wedding. They are very earthy and elegant. They go so well together and if you think of the earth, the dirt and the grass go so well together and are easy on the eyes. They are not to bright yet look great and not overpowering!

Brown and Green Wedding

Wine Country Wedding Ideas
Wine Country Wedding Ideas | Source

Lavender and Yellow Combination

This combination is another one of my favorite. You can do so much with this especially adding lavender plant to different wedding items. The lavender and yellow each stand out and look wonderful together.

Lavender and Yellow


Yellow and Gray Combination

I absolutely love this combination of yellow and gray. Actually any color with gray is going to look fabulous but for some reason the gray and yellow combination just looks so nice and elegant. I love the burst of yellow that it brings.

Yellow and Gray


Champagne and Pink Combination

This is a great combination if you are looking for some nice color to add to your wedding. It's not too bright and not to dark. It's a perfect hint of pink if you would like a very light tone.

Champagne and Pink Combination


I know wedding planning can be very overwhelming at times and I hope this helped a lot of you "bride to be" gals. Just relax and stay organizing for your big day!


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