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Wedding Cupcake Stands - Options and Which Type to Choose

Updated on January 24, 2011

Wedding Cupcake Stand Options

Cupcakes have been a popular wedding cake option for some time now, and to show them off to their full potential you need a great wedding cupcake stand.

Wedding cupcake stands come in all shapes and sizes, from 10 tiered acrylic towers to disposable cardboard cupcake stands, and it's important that you choose the right type to suit you and your occasion.

There are various deciding factors when choosing a wedding cupcake stand, such as:

  • The 'look' of the stand as you want to to fit in with the general theme of your wedding,
  • The size of the stand i.e are you looking for a wedding cupcake stand for 100 cakes or 30 cakes.
  • Your budget

Acrylic Wedding Cupcake Stands

Tiered acrylic wedding cupcake stands are the best option for anything over around 40 cupcakes as not only do they look spectacular, they are also strong enough to support the weight of the cakes.

Acrylic cupcake stands are available in both round and square options and because of their clear nature they are easy to match to any colour scheme by using either ribbon or by sprinkling confetti style decorations onto the tiers

If you're looking for acrylic cupcake stands to buy be aware that they can be pricey, so unless you have a string of other parties coming up that you will be able to use it at the best option with an acrylic cupcake stand is to hire them. You'll find that most good cake shops and cake makers will have a range of wedding cupcake stands for hire for you to choose from.

Wire Cupcake Stands

 Wire Cupcake stands can look fantastic but do need an exact number of cakes to fill them, whereas with other types of stand you can be a bit more flexible.

Wire cupcake stands are available in a range of designs and hold anything from 13 to 38 cupcakes, with each cake supported in an individual wire basket. This makes then a great option for small and intimate weddings, or they can be used if you are having a mix of full size cakes and cupcakes at your wedding.

These are definitely items you can get more than one use out of and are great for any sort of event from birthday parties to picnics so from a price point of view it is well worth buying a sire cupcake stand rather than hiring.

Disposabable Cupcake Stands

At first glance these may not seem like the obvious choice for a wedding, but if you're looking for cheap cupcake stands they can offer a way to achieve a very personal and unique wedding cupcake display.

The great advantage of cardboard cupcake stands (apart from the price) is that they can be completely customised to suit your occasion. Buy a couple of round or square 3 tier cupcake stands, then spray paint them, cover them in glitter or decoupage ~ it's certainly a way to ensure no-one else has a cupcake stand like yours.

Being cardboard, these cupcake stands are not as durable as plastic or acrylic ones so there are a few 'rules' to follow when using them such as always stack your stand from the bottom up to give it stability and never move it when full or you do risk a buttercream disaster, but treat them right and these stands can work amazingly well.


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