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Wedding Day Blues

Updated on December 2, 2008

 This is my first time doing a type of hub such as this.  More of a blog than a hub, I suppose, but at least it has my humble input, right?

Anyway, as I'm sure not many of you know, I am getting married on December 19th!  A whole 17 days away.  Like most women, I'm excited/nervous/stressed/rushed/etc.  I admit, it's not the best time of year to get married, because of the holidays, but back in January, we didn't really have that thought in mind.  However, I wish I could've been psychic and known that the economy was going to be so horrible, so we could have scheduled the wedding for 2009, instead.

So, of course, we're having a huge financial crunch due to the economy.  One thing that we thought we were doing right, actually came out to be not such a good idea... or at least it seems that way now.  WE PLANNED AHEAD! *gasp*  What I mean is, back in January/February/March we got the venue, photographer, DJ, cake, etc taken care of and that left us with pretty much the rest of the year to plan everything else [what else?? haha]. Well, instead of working in our favor, a couple things backfired:

1.  DJ - So, we're pretty set to go.  I emailed the company about a month ago, just so we could go through a final overview of what all we had gotten to refresh our memories.  So, we get in there and it's a totally different person running the show!  The other person had gone elsewhere, apparently.  Anyway, so they changed the pricing on us and some of the 'features' were different, etc and it was a total wreck.  Not to mention,the new person in charge is quite unprofessional when it comes to keeping up with the clients [as in returning emails and phone calls], but that's another story.  On the other hand, our actual DJ that will be performing at our wedding is very nice and I think it's going to be extremely fun, despite everything else.

2.  Our venue decided to change caterers on us.  So, here we are, all used to the lady we've had for the past 10 months and suddenly, we get a phone call from a new caterer asking us to come by and go over our wedding details. =[  At least this change wasn't a horrible one, unlike the DJ.  She's a very sweet lady.

3.  The dress.  DON'T EVER get your dress in a smaller size than what you are.... or wait to buy it if you really think you'll be that size later.  Stress does not help when you're on a diet and diets + stress do not = a good combo.  So, as you've probably guessed, my dress no longer fits and I had to switch it out for something that I wouldn't have picked, otherwise.  I am happy with my decision on the dress, but it's obviously not my first pick.

4.  Last, but not least, it never helps when the tux rental staff get your order completely out of whack.  When you order 1 set of cufflinks for the best man only, that usually means 1 pair -- does it not?  No, instead they decided we needed 4 sets.  The ushers, who will be wearing slacks and a white dress shirt were being put in $200 suits that weren't necessary.  All of which was not on our original order.  Hmm... who's going to pay for that??


Needless to say, I'll be glad when it's all over!  Most of the planning has been fun, but wow, I never guessed how truly stressful a wedding really is.  I just keep telling myself that in the end, all that matters is that myself and the groom will be there and we'll be doing what we planned to do -- getting married.



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    • drummer boy profile image

      drummer boy 8 years ago from Kirksville,MO

      Love the photos and so sorry that this has been so stressful. Being a DJ myself I can not tell people enough make sure you know what you are getting and get a contract once you have agreed on things. This is as good for you as it is for the DJ. DJ's will make deals on the phone and forget they gave you a certain price or details will get lost to interpretation. You seem like a very sweet person and I wish you the best.

      Shane's DJ and Photography service

    • Research Analyst profile image

      Research Analyst 9 years ago

      Great photos, thanks for sharing

    • Ileana profile image

      Ileana 9 years ago from Texas

      Best of luck on your wedding day Starkissed! Take a deep breath and relax, you'll be alright :) Don't forget to take pictures, you'll have a blast looking back on this important day.

    • profile image

      ESAHS 9 years ago

      "Wedding Blues!"

      "I get cold feet but I believe I will be married again before the next spring!"

      "Great modern ideas for a wedding!"

      "Two thumbs up!"

      CEO E.S.A.H.S. Association