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Wedding Decorations and Venues

Updated on October 14, 2013
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Natasha Pelati has published three books of poetry and writes on real-life experiences with the help of psychology.


Choosing the Perfect Décor and Venue for your Wedding.

Wedding décor and the venue that you choose to select is important in order to create that special mood and ambiance on your special day.

Décor depends on what you want and if you have a specific theme then it makes selecting décor much, much easier.

Colours are selected from the theme of your wedding and choosing décor that blends in with your colour scheme is of great importance.

Venues are also because if you select the wrong one, you will end up with a beautiful wedding that could feel cold and uncomfortable.

Wedding Decor

Firstly, you should decide on a colour scheme. If your bridesmaids are wearing purple, then avoid having purple table cloths.

Get colours that will blend in well together and try to mix and match colours that will compliment the entire wedding.

If you have selected a theme then finding décor to suit that theme will be easy enough and should you not know what to do, wedding planners can save you from the stress.

After you have your theme selected, stick to the theme and do not add any other beautiful objects that catch your eye, as your expenses will increase and your décor could end up looking like a yard sale is happening!

Should you choose to have a beach themed wedding then try to select décor that has everything to do with the ocean and the beach.

Keep décor simple and avoid cluttering your tables with too much décor.

There are some amazing décor ideas that you can select and take a look through right here.

It will give you a good idea of what to do and where to have your special event.

The first theme I have selected is a beach theme as this is my favourite to do and it is fun, stress free and eye- catching.

A gazebo has a great effect on the beach
A gazebo has a great effect on the beach
Your guests can write a message in a bottle to the bride and groom
Your guests can write a message in a bottle to the bride and groom
Blue and white is a fantastic colour for a beach wedding
Blue and white is a fantastic colour for a beach wedding
This is a good gift to thank the guests for being a part of your wedding.
This is a good gift to thank the guests for being a part of your wedding.

Beach Themed Wedding Décor

The colours that you can select for a beach themed wedding are very vast.

Pearl, blue, red, white, navy, sand, beige and if you are creative enough you can find a few more.

I like the idea of a beach themed wedding to be on the beach and if that is not an option for you than making your venue look as though you are at the beach could be an adventure worth taking on.

Let's say that you are having your wedding on the beach and a marquee is needed to protect your guests from the sun; selecting one that is just a "roof" is the best option in order for everyone to breathe in the sea air and take in the view.

A gazebo is great for an outdoor wedding as it protects you from the sun but allows everyone to see the view and notice your beautiful dress.

A red carpet is no good on the sand unless you put wood underneath it. A great idea is to place wooden planks in the aisle and lay bamboo mats over it, to give you that island effect.

Don't go overboard with floral arrangements on the beach because if the wind blows then your flowers will go with it so keep it simple.

If you choose to have the reception on the beach you must remember that the weather could ruin your day if it starts to rain or if the wind blows. There is no guarantee for good weather and it is stressful to have to wait until the day of your wedding to find out what is in store for you. Have a back - up plan and choice a venue that will allow a change from the beach to a room, if the weather changes from good to bad.

There are so many items that you can select for the tables; Avoid using real shells as this is said to bring bad luck and if you select items from the ocean, then ensure that they are lucky ones!

A beach themed wedding can be so beautiful if you have the ceremony outside with a gazebo, chairs and a carpet made from bamboo.

At the reception you can select blue and white, which is a great holiday colour but any colour will blend in. Just think of summer and you will have an idea of colours to use.

The table cloths can be plain or you can find ones that have shells or sea life on them but if you select a cloth with a design on it, then you are limited with selecting other décor for your tables as you do not want it to look overdone.

Plain white tablecloths go well with a blue overlay, blue serviettes and blue plates. Your décor on the table can be white starfish or wooden shells with a floral arrangement that is made from holiday flowers. You can get the idea for these from pictures of Mauritius or a tropical island.

A centrepiece for your tables can be a fish bowl with a large candle in it, surrounded by shells, embedded in beach sand.

Glasses for the main table can have shells added to them and you can also add draping with coral or tropical flowers in-between the draping.

It is fun to create a beach theme because all you have to do is think of holidays and tropical islands to give you some ideas for a great wedding theme.

The cake can be designed with praline shells to match the theme.

Wide fabric serviettes with a brooche and silver old school underplates look great.
Wide fabric serviettes with a brooche and silver old school underplates look great.
Draping and delicate fabrics look good.
Draping and delicate fabrics look good.
Birdcages and old ornaments are a nice outdoor wedding feature.
Birdcages and old ornaments are a nice outdoor wedding feature.

Vintage Weddings

This is a difficult one for décor but when you find the right items, it can look magical.

Damask tablecloths can be used and lace overlays are great for the vintage effect.

Tiffany chairs go well with this theme but you can also use plain chairs that you can cover in lots of draping materials such as satin.

Crystal glasses, old style crockery with designs on them also have a great effect.

Birdcages as a centrepiece is a nice idea and old books, stacked from large to small, wrapped in ribbon, can also be great.

Old photo frames with a black and white photo of the bride and groom is also very effective.

Vintage is about lace, design and anything old looking.

You can use wood and even try those old barrels or kegs as décor.

For your serviettes, you can have wide satin fabric with a cameo brooche or any type of brooche to match the vintage feel.

Silver goblets and crystal glasses have a fantastic effect for a vintage wedding.

Glass underplates are elegant and effective.
Glass underplates are elegant and effective.
Selecting a tablecloth with a design can allow for less table decor.
Selecting a tablecloth with a design can allow for less table decor.
Tiffany chairs are elegant and do not need covers.
Tiffany chairs are elegant and do not need covers.

Simple and Elegant Décor

Having a fairytale wedding can be created in many ways with so many options to choose from and your own personal style can be added to every bit of décor that you select.

Simple and elegant wedding décor is easy to create but there are times where simple and elegant can appear cheap and effortless.

To avoid your wedding looking like you forgot to add décor you need to have an idea of what you want in mind.

If you are not a fan of frills, draping, fairy lights or plentiful décor on your tables then you can select items to make it look full and create an ambiance without having too much going on.

Sometimes less is more and simple décor is easy to choose.

Firstly finding tablecloths that are large enough to cover the entire table and almost go to the floor is good option.

If you are not wanting overlays than using underplates to attract the eye are a good idea.

Tiffany chairs are great as they do not need covers and will look elegant just as they are.

A centrepiece that would be nice for minimal décor, is one that is tall and can have either a couple of flowers in it or you can add a candle.

To avoid the table looking empty, add a mirror glass under the centrepiece with three of four square candles around it, to make it look cosy.

Standard décor usually consists of a tablecloth, linen serviettes, plate, side plate, cutlery, wine glass and champagne glass, a centrepiece and perhaps a gift for the guests.

The focus is on the crockery and the centrepiece.

You have to be careful with simple décor if you are selecting a cold looking venue as this could create a bad vibe for your entire wedding.

Candles, candles, candles for the simple look will make it warm and cosy.

Venues for Wedding Receptions

When selecting the venue for your wedding, you should know how many people you will be expecting in order to get the right sized room. Having a venue that seats 500 people when you only have 100, will make your wedding empty and cold.

If you have no choice but to have a venue that is too big, then you definitely need to add draping, fairy lights and lots of floral arrangements, to create a warm and ambiatic environment.

A beach wedding needs to be at a venue close to the beach so that you can have your ceremony on the beach and be close enough to the reception. Many hotels offer the service for weddings and they decorate, cater and provide your guests with accommodation.

Halls are great if you do not use their lighting as most of them have flourescent lights which do not give off a good feel to the venue.

Avoid restaurant conference rooms too as this will not be as private as you would like and if they are catering for your wedding reception as well as their restaurant, something always goes wrong.

Find a venue that caters for the amount of people you are inviting, make sure that it is close to where you will be having your ceremony and ensure that they do provide cutlery, crockery, tables and chairs.

Allow space for the main table and if you are having a band, find out if the venue can supply a stage. Make certain that there is enough space for your cake table, gift table, main table, guest tables, stage and an area for bar or food service.

Check that they have plug points, the electricity works and that they have toilets that are serviced.

Venue's can be made special and intimate with décor, so if you do not really have an idea of what to do, then hire a wedding planner to help you create your special day.


This is a good option if you choose to have a wedding outdoors or at home but you need to make it look very warm and you have to check that it is in a good condition, with flooring or this could be an expensive idea.

There are many marquees to select and one with windows would be the best option. It can close, it is protected from the wind and it won't make your guests feel clausterphobic.

The stretch tents look beautiful but they do not have any surrounding and it is only to protect you from the sun or light rain. If it is a windy day, then your wedding venue will be unpleasant.

Select a marquee that has doors and can close, should you need it to.

Looking for one that doesn't have thick poles in the centre can be difficult to find, but you will find them and I would suggest using those as the poles can get in the way of all your fun.


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    • Tashaonthetown profile image

      Natasha Pelati 4 years ago from South Africa

      Thank you, yes blue and white look striking together, especially for the beach.

    • erinshelby profile image

      erinshelby 4 years ago from United States

      The blue and white is a really sharp look - perfect for on the beach or elsewhere.


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