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Wedding Dress - Tips and Experiences of Choosing Wedding Gowns

Updated on May 18, 2015

Tips and Experience

It was on the month of April when i started my adventure of finding my perfect wedding dress. I was married in July, the month i had choosen when the weather is warm and sunny just ideal to celebrate my wedding in an open air, a beautiful garden and a big terrace overlooking the beautiful scenic lake panorama.

Photo shooting is a must so i arranged for a photographer to take pictures during the wedding, during the celebration, and the traditional picture taking of the wedding couple before the marriage ceremony.

First i will share to you on how i came to and found my wedding dress. I started gathering fashion magazines about bridal dresses from pictures of different models or designers. My dream was to have a traditonal classic elegant bridal dress. I have been rooming around, dropping by at the different bridal boutiques in the city of Bern, the whole day but i have not decided which dress i wanted until i get exhausted and frustrated. I even went to nearby famous cities and boutiques for the hope to find my ideal bridal dress.

The problem was either the bridal dresses were very expensive or they did not meet my expectations of what i dreamed for a wedding dress.

My friends advices: stay calm, take time and relax, don't be nervous, be in a good mood when you visit some bridal boutiques. You have to be fit and in excellent body condition. Visit 2 to 4 shops and not 10 all at once in a day.

Most important is your budget, until how much is your price limit for a wedding dress. One may consider a designer wedding dress which takes a month to order. I bought mine in a boutique after asking advices about the kind of body figure, neck and shoulder structure i have, which type or style of dress that matches to my figure. I don't want to be packed up, i rather wanted a simple classic elegant dress. I prefer to have laces, beads and pearls. I had a high heeled white half open shoes, long satin white gloves, white stockings with one new elastic holder, the other i got from my friend, a blue one. A bride has to wear something old and that was my stocking holder. A supertitious belief!!! One thing i made from myself is my veil and i am proud of it.

Other thing is have enough time 3 or 4 months to look for your ideal wedding dress before the wedding date.

Yes i found my wedding what will i do with my long hair? I wish i had big curls until my shoulder but my hairdresser suggested a brushed up style. See my pictures...

Photo Shooting...oh my God it was a half sunny and rainy day...our photo shooting supposed to be in the rose garden overlooking the city of Bern was cancelled...instead we made it in the park near the least the rain stops and the sun came to shine again.


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