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Wedding Favor Ideas and Options

Updated on March 12, 2011

Are you getting married or helping a friend with plans for a wedding? If so, don't forget to consider what type of favor you'd like to share with guests who attend the event! While wedding favors aren't a necessity, it is considered traditional to provide some type of small favor to attendees at the end of wedding receptions.

It's up to you whether or not to follow this tradition, but doing so can make the day memorable for everyone who attends. It's a great way for the bride and groom to show their appreciation for the love and support of the friends and family members who took time out of their own lives to share in the happy couple's special day.

Ideas for Wedding Favors

Wedding favors don't have to be costly in order to be special. Consider what type of small trinket you can share with guests that they will enjoy and that will be a special reminder of the time they spent helping celebrate the bride and groom's first day as a married couple.

A few wedding favor ideas you may want to consider include:

Candles – Small votive candles are very inexpensive and are available in many colors. Consider providing each guest with a votive candle that matches the bridesmaid's dresses or another primary color used in the wedding decorating scheme.

Flowers – Consider giving each guest a single silk flower of the same type and color as the flowers used in the bridal bouquet, on the cake, or in the wedding decorations.

Seeds – Seed packets can be an excellent wedding flower. They are quite affordable and are an item that anyone can use. Select seeds for one of the types of flowers used in the wedding bouquets or decorating scheme. If several types of flowers were used, you can buy a variety of seeds so that guests don't all receive the exact same item.

Candy – Most people love a sweet treat, so candy can be a nice touch as a wedding favor. Consider selecting small squares of high quality foil-wrapped dark chocolate for distribution to guests as they are leaving the reception.

Distributing Wedding Favors

If you are going to provide wedding favors, one factor that you'll need to consider when planning the event is how they are going to be distributed. You may want to simply place the favors in a small basket near the exit door. If you choose this option, place a card in front of the basket informing people that they may take one. Alternately, you may want to assign the person who handled the guest book for you to stand near the exit once the bride and groom have departed and hand out the favors, being sure to smile and thank each guest for attending.

Other Ideas?

Do you have wedding favor suggestions that you would like to share? Please post your own ideas in the comments section below!


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