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Wedding Favor Ideas from $-$$$$

Updated on April 30, 2013

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Decide on a Budget

The most important thing to keep in mind when you are planning just so happens to be the least fun...the budget. You may not want to think about it, but when it comes to favors, keep in mind that you are giving out 1 per guest...If you have 300 people coming to your event and you found the cutest favor for $5, you are already at $1500 on favors. Have no fear if this is too pricey or if your budget is much higher. There are many creative favors that you can send you guests away with that they will either savor or cherish.

In order to decide what the max you are able to spend per favor, take your budget for the favors and divide it by the maximum number of wedding guests. See the table below to give you an idea of what the budgets would be for 300 guests to achieve different favor price ranges.

Expected Guests
Max $ per favor

Favor Categories

Now that you have established your favor budget, you can get to the fun part and pick out your favors. Here are a few categories to search from and I will also give you ideas for each category that I have come up with in planning my own wedding and going to many friend's and family's weddings.

  • Edible Favors
  • Glassware, etc.
  • Cultural Favors
  • Interactive Favors
  • Out of Town Hotel Guest Favor


Edible Favors

A fun way to start planning the type of edible favor you will give your guests is to go with the theme or color scheme of your wedding. If you do not have a theme or designated color scheme, go with the bridesmaids' dress color or a mix of your flowers' colors.

Candy Table: This may seem like one of the less expensive options, but it is actually one of the most pricey. However, it is also elegant and fun at the same time if presented correctly. By using different types of vases (square, round, oval, rectangular), hurricane vases, and over-sized martini glasses (get these from a local hobby/craft store for less expensive options), take 1-2 colors from your wedding scheme (think white and blue, green and blue, all white, purple and white, etc.) and put different types of candies in all of the different vases by color (or mix some colors in the vases). You will also need: various serving utensils and coasters for the utensils, takeaway boxes or bags for the guests to put their candy in, a sign that directs them on what to do, a table with a floral arrangement (optional).


  • Various vases: $200-500
  • Candy: $500
  • Serving Utensils and Coasters: $100
  • Takeaway boxes: $100-200
  • Floral Arrangement: $50-200
  • Sign $20-50
  • MAX TOTAL $1,550

You may obviously spend more or less on on all of these items, but you will be surprised how easily this kind of favor may easily cost $1550 or more.

Personalized Cookies, Candies or Fortune Cookies:

Personalized cookies may run anywhere from $1-3 for most cookies and you will also need a bag to put each one in. You can normally get these 100 for $20-30 if you buy them online. Note that you will want a bag that can be sealed in some way to keep the cookies fresh. The cookies should be prepared no more than 1-2 days ahead of time to keep them fresh, and be sure to store them in a place away from changing temperatures. If you are buying for 300 guests, your costs are an estimated $900 for the cookies ($3*300) + $90 for the bags ($30*3) = About $1,000.

Getting personalized candy wrappers on chocolate or personalized M&M's are two of the cheaper yet still tasty and cute options. You can design yours online and spend $200-$500 on the candy and bags/boxes (Target has cute boxes, order them through a party store or Amazon).

Personalized fortune cookies are a very cute and personal option, because each one can hold 1 of a variety of different phrases from you and your spouse. Examples are: "Thank you for partying with the Joneses!", "Thank you for making our special day memorable", "Thank you for being a part of our wedding", etc. Personalized fortune cookies can be found for around $2 a fortune cookie ($600) plus the price of bags or boxes to put each fortune cookie in ($100-200), totaling around $800-900.


Glassware, etc.

Personalized wine or beer glasses, coaster, koozies and bottle stoppers:

Personalized wine or beer glasses, coaster, koozies and bottle stoppers are favors that your guests will take away as a keepsake. Every time they use one of these, they will remember the special day that they shared with you and your spouse.

Personalized wine or beer glasses can be purchase for around $1 up to $50 each depending on what kind of glasses you chose. It may be a fun idea to have both wine and beer glasses so that your guest may choose which one they will use most. Or, do a variety of stemless white and red glasses. There are wholesale type websites such as that you can have wine or beer glasses personalized for in between $1-4 which is the most reasonable option. If you have 300 guests, you are looking at around $1200+tax.

Koozies are something that everyone uses- they keep them in their car, house, tailgate and party with them. They are a fairly inexpensive party favor and can be personalized with a phrase, logo or even picture of the couple. This is one item that is actually cheaper per item the higher the quantity that you purchase. If you do a basic koozie, they range from $.50-1.50 a koozies, for 300 guests, costing around $450 for the koozies + a screen fee and taxes summing up to about $550 total costs.

Crystal bottle stoppers cost as much as $20 a stopper, but other personalized options range from $1-4. For 300 people the total cost is a minimum of $1,200.

Coasters can be very inexpensive if you DIY by taking tiles from a hardware store and using paper mache to paste a personal logo (print off of your printer) onto the coaster. This can run anywhere as low as $0.50 a tile, $30 for an ink cartridge and $10 for a ream of paper, totaling around $200 total. If you decide to purchase personalized coasters they range from $6.50-10 each, but you may be able to find better prices on websites such as This personalized option will cost up to $3,000 for 300 guests.


Cultural Favors

What is it in your city, state, or culture that speaks to some trait that distinguishes you as a couple? Is it hot sauce, seasoning or pralines from the south or what about sponge candy, taffy, or wing sauce? Print out some simple labels for about $50-100 and 300 of any one of these items at about $1-3 each and the total cost comes to about $1000 at the highest cost.


Interactive Favors

If you want your guests to participate in your wedding in a small way and have something to take away from the wedding as well, here are a couple of inexpensive DIY options that create a unique picture opportunity and memory for you and your guests.

Wedding Ribbons: Get a spool of 3-4" satin ribbon (in your wedding color) and cut it into about 9-12" strips. Next take round wooden sticks from your local hobby/craft store and glue the ribbons to the sticks. Have a basket with the wedding ribbons in them with a sign next to it that says "As the bride and groom have their first kiss as a married couple, wave your ribbon to show your support". The ribbon will cost you about $50-75 and the sticks for about $0.25 each. The total cost of this project is a max of $150.

Wedding Bells: Print cards from your computer ($50 total for cards and $30 for ink) that have a cute saying such as, "As the bride and groom take their first kiss, help ring them into wedded bliss" and tie them to a bell ($16 for a little over 300) with a ribbon in your wedding color ($20 total). The total cost of this project is $120 or less.


Out of Town Hotel Guest Favor

As a special thank you for your out of town guests making the effort to come in town for your wedding and pay for a hotel room, it is a simple thank you gesture like a welcome gift that sets the mood for your wedding weekend. These are simple to make, and cost about $7 max each. You will not be making these for all 300 guests, so do not fret at the cost per bag. You will, at the most probably have 50 separate rooms in your room-blocked hotel of choice. This puts your total max cost to around $350.

  • Bags $10 for 50 (Google search)
  • Personalized CD, burned on home computer and home made labels ($40 labels, and CDs $15 for 100 deck of CD's)
  • 2 mini water bottles with labels ($50 for all- online)
  • Cookies ($0.50 each *100- 2 each =$50)
  • Personalized M&M's ($100)
  • Printed Note tied to bag or logo printed from computer ($40 printouts)


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    • bobkaiser300 profile image

      Joseph Kaiser 4 years ago from Daytona Beach, Florida

      The key in giving a wedding favor is to give a favor that will be used or eaten. If you don't have much money for a wedding favor, some good wedding favor ideas are luggage tags, shot glasses with 5 Jordan Almonds, a set of teaspoons, flower seeds, bottle opener, or wine stopper.

    • mpoche4 profile image

      Michal 5 years ago from Miami, Florida

      @torrilynn thanks for stopping by and for the feedback! I love weddings and everything that goes into them! By planning my own wedding, attending many weddings and helping my friends plan, I have seen a few tips that help you make decisions! I plan to write more, so continue to stop by!

    • torrilynn profile image

      torrilynn 5 years ago

      Hi mpoche4,

      Thanks for this hub and for

      Sharing ideas about what wedding

      Favors to give to people

      Thanks again and Voted up