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Wedding Favors Under 1.00

Updated on December 26, 2010

The wedding budget for today's marital extravaganzas rarely seems to be enough. Fortunately, there are many wedding favors under $ 1.00. Even though a wedding favor costs less than a buck it can still be elegant and not cheap looking. Check out the many inexpensive options below to stock a reception with a unique and even personalized favor. With so many choices, don't do without a wedding favor for your family and friends. Here are some great choices:

Rice Wedding Favors

One of the absolute cheapest and most traditional of choices. Rice has received a bad reputation due to untrue rumors about its affects on birds. The only real trouble with rice is it can be slippery when underfoot. Bulk rice can be purchased at any supermarket and wrapped in squares of pretty lace fabric. Tied shut with a simple ribbon, the whole thing can cost around a dime to make.

Birdseed Wedding Favors

For those who are still in doubt about the environmental affects of rice, birdseed makes a great substitute. This is a great item to toss and give back to the environment, too. It can also be bought by the pound and prepared in the same way as a rice favor. The price falls well under $ 1.00.

Designer Rice Wedding Favors

This synthetic rice is far better for the environment and safer too. Traditional rice can roll underfoot and cause slip and fall accidents. It also can be very hard to clean up. Designer rice wedding favors biodegrade quickly when wet and are safer to walk upon. This artificial rice can be purchased in bulk and tied in lace or fabric much in the same way as birdseed. It is a very inexpensive wedding favor.

Shot Glass Wedding Favors

A unique choice that still fits the criteria of wedding favors under $ 1.00 is a shotglass. These can be purchased in many different styles, sizes and colors. They can even be personalized and still clock in under a dollar in total price. They make great votive candleholder on the tables during a reception and then can be taken home by the guests at the day's end.

Personalized Wedding Matches

Wedding match favors can be purchased in matchbook or box style and the cost is astonishingly low even with a personal message added. In bulk, they can be as cheap as twenty five cents each. They are so inexpensive that they are often used with a personalized shotglass that holds a votive candle. This is a great way to give two small keepsakes for less than $ 1.00.

These are only four of the many choices for wedding favors under $ 1.00. There are so many others including pen wedding favors, honey favors, cds and more. The best option is to make them yourself, but there are plenty of choices that are cheaply purchased. Even if it ends up being two or three hundred dollars more on top of a cramped budget it will be worth it. The personal touch can be remembered and appreciated long after the big day is over.


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