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Wedding Favors, Wedding Invitations, Wedding Accessories

Updated on August 21, 2016
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Lela earned a B.A. degree in Journalism from Sam Houston University in Huntsville, TX. She has been writing for the online world for years.

Wedding Favors, Invitations and Accessories

Photo by L.A.Cargill
Photo by L.A.Cargill

Wedding Invitation Information

Wedding invitations are the first thing to think about as soon as you start planning the wedding. Get these out and done as soon as possible. Spend as much time as you need to get them right, them make sure they go out about a month before the wedding.


Who: The names of the wedding couple and their parents (if desired)

What: Well, this part is easy, isn't it?

When: Remember to proofread the invitations to make sure the date is right. It is the second most missed error after misspellings.

Where: Give the address and even directions if needed. You have reserved the place, haven't you? If the reception is different, be sure to list that too.

Why: To witness the happy event. Encourage people to attend with a nice thought, quote or description of why your wedding will be the best in history.

How: Mention the dress code, whether or not children are invited and other miscellaneous thoughts that make your wedding different and memorable. If special transportation has been arranged, this would be a good place to let everyone know.

New programs for computers make doing your own wedding invitations easy and cost effective. If you or a family member have a good sense for designing elegant cards, then let them help! Professional invitations usually cost a bundle and they are not necessarily better than the ones you can do from your imagination and cardstock for ink jet printers.

Remember, if you do your own, you can do matching place cards and thank you notes for the same price!

Wedding Favor Mini Photo Album

By Natural Impressions Eco-Friendly Photo Album
By Natural Impressions Eco-Friendly Photo Album

Wedding Favors

Traditional weddings are meant to be family events that are memorialized forever. It's the little things that count. Wedding favors are gifted by the bride so each member of the family and guests has a token to remember the day.

Wedding favors can be fun, traditional and personalized. Go with the names of the bride and groom and wedding date for personalization so all can remember the anniversary! That's one reason for doing photo wedding favors. You really can't get more personal than that.

The engagement photo is the best photo to use as it is usually done by a professional with good lighting and poses. Candid photos of the happy couple make good wedding favors too. Perhaps a mini album of photos combined with a place holder would be a perfect addition to the wedding tables.

Placing wedding favors on each guest setting at the wedding dinner is the best way to go. During the toasts, be sure to mention that the guests are to take the wedding favors home with them to remember the special occasion!

Wedding favors are not restricted to the wedding. Use them at the bridal shower too. Today's busy world doesn't leave a lot of time for individual thank you cards. The wedding shower favors make a good pro-active thank you note. Wrap them individually and put a personal note inside each one. Have some extras on hand in case unexpected guests show up.

Wedding favors need not be expensive. Many can be done by hand by the bride or bride's maids. Family members can help. It's an important detail that makes a wedding special. Individual hand made wedding favors show you care about your family and friends and you think they are special too!

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

flikr photo by alvanman
flikr photo by alvanman

Wedding Accessories

In the Victorian era an enduring tradition was born:

Something Old represents the link with the bride's family and the past. Mothers and grandmothers or other relatives contribute an icon of their marriages. Something old is symbolic of continuity. It is the symbol for brides to wear a piece of antique family jewelry which belonged to a past generation. Selecting something from the mother's or grandmother's wedding gown, or even the gown itself is traditional. Other things chosen include handkerchiefs, a scarf or a piece of lace.

Something New is for good luck and success and the bride's hope for a bright future in her new married life. The wedding gown is often chosen as the new item but it could be anything that is purchased new for the wedding such as the wedding flowers or the wedding rings.

Something Borrowed should come from a happily married woman friend of the bride. Don't forget, this item is supposed to be returned to the owner after the wedding! Borrowing jewelry is most popular, but any item that is borrowed and returned will lend its luck to the bride.

Something Blue in ancient times is the symbol of faithfulness, purity and loyalty. Blue garters are quite popular as are blue flowers or blue satin trim.

The something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue wedding tradition has been going on for centuries. It's like an unbroken chain that remains a *must do* for every wedding. Wedding accessories are easily incorporated into the tradition.

© 2010 Lela

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    • akirchner profile image

      Audrey Kirchner 7 years ago from Washington

      How cool! Wish I'd seen something like this last year before my daughter got remarried but oh well - we did okay! Great ideas!

    • Austinstar profile image

      Lela 7 years ago from Somewhere in the universe

      Thank you, KoffeKlatch Gals, I pride myself on my organizational skills. People have asked me if I alphabetize my canned goods!

    • KoffeeKlatch Gals profile image

      Susan Haze 7 years ago from Sunny Florida

      Great hub. You have a clear understanding of the importance of organization when planning a wedding.

    • StarryNightsDiva profile image

      Alissa 7 years ago from Rocky Hill, CT

      Such a great hub. Thank you for putting the time into making this such a wonderful resource for couples!