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Wedding Favors and accessories. Seasonal, Themes, Popular & Specific

Updated on May 7, 2011

Recent family marriage ordered favors from this site.

At a recent family marriage I overheard my wife and cousin talking about all the great gifts, favors and accessories that the bride and groom had chosen. My cousin informed my wife of this site called My Wedding Favors. Having 3 girls of our own, my wife wrote down the name and we have been researching the site for 'later use'. ( Suddenly, I feel ) Anyway, we have bookmarked this great site Wedding Favors and I thought I would share it with others.

Here is a quote directly from the site:

Your wedding is unique. Your wedding favors should be, too! Whether you want to provide a favor that is a reflection of you and your spouse, or a keepsake that your guests will treasure forever, you will find the perfect gift among the selections below. Your unique wedding favor is only a click away.

It is so true, I have been married for almost 18 years. In todays society, I / we have earned status because of the lenth of time that we have been married. I am a very happily married man with 3 wonderful children. We are happy because we work at it. Knowing that we came into this marriage as two different people and wanted to be married. We had to become like one. Two people that communicate to each other as often as possible all of the positive, negative, likes, dislikes, wants and desires of our hearts. I have and always will love my wife. I do hope that anyone reading this will want the same thing with your spouse.

If this is true for you then please leave a comment. Become a fan, and rate my hub.


Finally, enjoy your life.

Here is the link for My Wedding Favors just below.



My Wedding Favors
My Wedding Favors


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