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Wedding Lighting & Decor for Special Events

Updated on May 13, 2014

Why Use Lighting?

The lighting at a corporate event, wedding, bar mitzvah, bat mitzvah, anniversary party, graduation, fundraiser, etc. all needs to bring to life the room or space where the event is taking place. Many people do not realize the impact lighting has when properly used. A plain white wall can suddenly change to a multi-colored wall that attracts the eye to it , but not so much that it takes over the room. This is called ambient lighting.

With ambient lighting it stands out enough to brighten a room, but it is not too bright like a functional light. Functional lighting is a traditional way of lighting a room with a lamp. These are very bright and powerful; something you do not want to have at your special event. Decor lighting such as chandeliers are very nice and appealing to the eye, but are often not powerful enough to light up a room. it is important when planning a party to find ambient lighting that functions as fictional and decor lighting as well.

Party Lighting

Outdoor Lighting

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Outdoor vs Indoor Events

Outdoor Events:

Outdoor event lighting can be a bit tricky as you have to deal with mother nature and all that she throws at you. One day it can be nice and sunny out and the next day it can be overcast or raining. This means you must have lighting equipment that can handle the elements; especially water and wind. Even with this hurdle, there are many possibilities to light up an even outdoors using string lights, spot lights, and more. It all depends on your personal preference.

Indoor Events:

Indoor events give you a lot more room to work with,. Working indoors allows you full control of the environment so there will not be any surprises the day of the event. With indoor lighting the possibilities are endless as there are many different types of decorations you can use that can go with different types of lighting. Have fun exploring and seeing what works and what does not work. it is all about trial and error to get the perfect ambient light to make a room pop out.

Outdoor Venue At Night

Corporate Ballroom Lighting

Special Event Lighting

If you are hosting a special event in the near future then lighting is a must have accessory. Without the proper lighting all the decor will have gone to waste. Lights bring out the details and accentuate specific areas of the room to look and feel a specific way. Without the lights none of this is possible. Below is a list of events that should always have a professional lighting team.

  • Corporate Events
  • Engagement Parties
  • Fashion Shows
  • Themed Events
  • Graduations
  • Silent & Live Auctions
  • Galas & Openings
  • Social media event launches
  • Proms
  • Tented Events
  • Non-Profit Events & Fundraisers
  • Bar and Bat Mitzvahs
  • Destination Events
  • Anniversary Celebrations

Special Event Lighting Company Corporate Parties & Celebrations

Types of Lighting


Many people do not realize that uplighting for an event is a great way to set the mood and ambiance. With the innovations from LED lighting in uplights the possibilities are almost endless when it comes to lighting colors, patterns, shades, etc. These are the most popular type of lighting currently on the market as they are inexpensive and look absolutely amazing when properly set up.

If you are using uplightng make sure this is the under-layer for the lights. What this means is that the uplights should be background lighting to compliment other lighting accents you may use. Uplighting by itself looks good, but if this is a special event you need more than just these. When selecting a space for your event try to imagine where the lights and decor will go to make it easier for you.


There are endless amounts of colors in the spectrum of light making it almost a necessity to try and take advantage of as many colors as possible. It is always nice to have a new color or shade that stuns people and makes them fall in love. This can be achieved using intelligent or programmable lights in conjunction with uplighting to change the color of the lights during the event at synchronized times. This will change the atmosphere of the event as when the lights turn to warm colors people will feel happy and when it turns dark or bright they will know something important is about to happen. It is good to study colors and the effects it can have on peoples moods and feelings.

The intelligent lighting systems are pretty amazing as they synchronize to the music; changing colors and effects with perfect timing. These are technical lighting systems that move and change with the beat of the music. This is a great way to put on an amazing light show for the guests and keep them wondering how the lights sync up with the music.

An example of intelligent and programmable lighting used in conjunction would be when you first arrive at an event and you see that the lights are dimly lit and stay that way for cocktails and dinner. After dinner is served the lights start to warm up and the color hues emerge brighter to let people know the party is starting. Then the intelligent lights come on the dance floor letting everyone know it is time to let lose on the dance floor.


A mini spotlight is called a pin spot, which illuminates a small beam of light on the desired area of your venue. These are typically seen on table centerpieces, especially those with flowers, to help them stand out and look stunning. Pinspot lighting highlights important elements in a room. This helps with your videos and pictures of your event to look great and stand out.


Accent lighting also known as color wash lighting ensures certain aspects of the venue do not go unnoticed. These will make anything pop out to guests. These are perfect for DJ booths, bars, photo-booths, food stations, escort cards, and more.


Custom gobo projections create unique images, graphics, and patterns to make each events venue unique and interesting. Project gobos on dance floors, ceilings, walls, and any other place that can project a light. These are very easy to install and look great; while adding texture and depth to create a dramatic effect to any space.

Use gobo projectors to make specific areas stand out and add interest to specific locations to the room. Make a blank wall or lounge area look absolutely stunning. Draw guests attentions away from less desirable areas with customized gobo projections.


Project a company logo or custom message at your special event to all your guests using projectors and monograms. Many lighting companies can customize almost any message with any colors and styling that is requested. These images can be projected on ceilings, dance floors, walls, or any area of your venue. This adds a touch of sophistication to the venue.


Bistro lights also know as string lighting creates a nice intimate atmosphere for all your guests to enjoy. These are perfect for both outdoor and indoor events as they can be hung almost anywhere and can survive the natural elements mother nature throws at it. The best part about these lights is that they bring dark elements of a room to light.

A nice way to utilize the lights is with a lantern or by using pattern clusters for ceilings, backdrops, sheer fabric, eye catching elements, or anything that you want to make pop out.


It is important to enclose, enclose, mask, color, soften, divide, or color any area of an event using drapery. This is a great way to make lighting pop up out add texture to a room. Drapery is used for both functional and decorative lighting to help set the event venues tone and atmosphere. Pipe and drapery is something that is a must use to make typical lighting stand out and add that extra wow factor.

It is highly suggested to combine drapery with lighting to illuminate the fabric or lighting. Uplighting, string lights, upwashes, and gobo projectors compliment drapery and piping.


There are three types of lighting; function, decor, and decorative. Here we will go over the various types of decorative lighting currently available. This is not a complete list as there are endless possibilities when it comes to decorative lighting. Such decor includes crystal chandeliers, cluster lights, Edison bulbs, hanging mason jars, and more. If you can imagine it, then it can become a reality with specialty lighting decor.

The main goal of decorative lighting is to draw in the focus of your guests to the important areas of your event that you are trying to highlight. Lighting design consultant can help with the placement and number of decorative lights to us for an event.


Although outdoor lights may not always be the first choice when it comes to decorating an event, it can spice things up and bring that extra wow factor. When you arrive at a party often times you are guided through an outdoor walkway or entrance. Illuminating this area can add to the decor and atmosphere you are trying to achieve. Lighting up pathways, parking lots, landscape, or architectural elements for your guests to enjoy.

Outdoor lighting is used for enclosed tents, pools, fountains, trees, landscape, furniture, bars, podiums, and much more.


It is vital to understand power supplies and how much power can be used for a light or to power an entire event without blowing the circuit system completely. Check to see if the company you hire has a vast knowledge of power usage. If need be there are generators and other backup power supply sources that can be used.


Audio video services are not directly a type of lighting system, but it is nice to capture the special moments from your party on video. To get the full sound and high definition quality video you desire you must make sure the company you hire has a PA system with full sound management, flat screen televisions, projector screens, on-site technicians, live feeds, and videography. These are the key elements for a successful audio visual experience.

Beach Lighting


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