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Wedding Parent Gift Ideas

Updated on May 29, 2015

Don't forget to thank your parents on this big day!

Easy Parent Wedding Gift Solutions

it's traditional to give parents a thank you gift on your wedding day. These ideas will please your parents and won't stress you out.

Personalized Gift for Parents on Your Wedding Day

Personalized items are really popular for parent wedding gifts. They can accommodate any taste or budget. Popular items include jewelry, engraved flasks, hobby accessories (like golf balls), wine glasses or beer mugs, throws or pillow cases.

Embroidered Hankie - A Classic Parent Wedding Gift Idea

If your parents are emotional, an embroidered hankie is a practical parent wedding gift for your big day. Parents can use the hankie to blot away tears of joy. Later on, they will have a handcrafted memento of your wedding day.

Have a handkerchief embroidered by a local seamstress or Etsy artisan, or contact local personalization shops to see whether they can do this for you. Since a handkerchief is small, it's a great gift idea for any budget and can be a nice add-on if you want to spend more.

Wedding Day Jewelry for Mom or Dad

Some brides like to give jewelry as a parent gift for the big day. Tie bars and cuff links make great gifts for men, while a nice pair of earrings or a necklace works for women. Many artisan jewelers can stamp your wedding date or a special note inside the item, adding that extra special touch.

If you are planning to give jewelry, do a little digging to uncover what your mom or dad is wearing to the wedding. Then select a gift item that will match. You don't want to give Mom a gold necklace if she's wearing silver on the big day.

Classy Blue Parent Wedding Gift Jewelry

Framed Wedding Photo - A Lasting Wedding Gift Idea

A framed photo of you and your beloved on your wedding day makes a lovely wedding memento. Since you won't have the photos on your wedding day, purchase a beautiful frame (which you can have engraved if you like). Write a thoughtful thank-you letter to your parents and frame the letter. When you order wedding photos down the road, have an extra print made for your parents and give it to them.

Hand Painted Pottery - A Personal Parent Wedding Day Present

Your parents will appreciate wedding gifts made by you now that you're grown just as much as they did when you were little. You can make hand-painted pottery in an afternoon, personalize it with a thoughtful thank-you message, pretty pattern, or anything else ("Mother of the Bride" coffee mug, anyone?).

Select a pottery shape that's functional, such as a platter, mug, or vase. Paint it at a local studio, then pick it up 7-10 days later when it is fired.

Wedding Gift Basket - The Perfect Thank You on Your Wedding Day

A gift basket is a beautiful way to combine a lot of small items into one thoughtful parent wedding gift. You can create a themed gift basket, such as a spa basket for your mom or a beer lover's basket for your dad. Find inexpensive baskets at local thrift stores, then pick up items for the basket. Set a budget at the outset to avoid overspending on basket items.

Sample Themed Parent Wedding Present Idea

Travel - A Modern Parent Thank-You Gift

With the stress of a wedding, what parent wouldn't want a travel wedding gift? Give mom and dad a weekend away at a bed and breakfast, a mini cruise, or another getaway. This deal is even sweeter if you offer to housesit/feed the cats while they are away.


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