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Wedding Photo Booth Hire

Updated on April 18, 2013

The days of having disposable cameras left on tables are gone, technology has reinvented the humble photo booth and transformed it for 2013. Photo Booths are designed to be fun and keep people entertained, after all not everyone loves to dance. It's not only about creating fantastic photos, it's about the experience.

The photograph's printed from a booth are often unique and unexpected. Lots of people shy away from photographers which can result in some forced and unnatural pictures. This is where the photo booth comes into its own, putting the subject in complete control over what they create. The person inside the booth can see themselves on the monitor so they are able to quickly relax.

A photo booth is not supposed to replace a professional photographer, but it can capture different moments that they aren't able to, in a relaxed, fun and private environment.

An example of a shot taken from the booth
An example of a shot taken from the booth | Source

Most people like to create their own memories and pictures taken inside a photo booth are always memorable. The photo booth also has a wide appeal. At some point in the night, even your most conservative guest will have at least one picture taken.


The world has moved forward and traditional photography can sometimes be left at the starting line. With instant Facebook uploads, video messaging and green screen technology anyone who wasn't able to make it will be able to see exactly what they've missed. It’s a great way of sharing the mood of the event.

Often overlooked, one of the key features of a photo booth is the amount of pictures shot.. Some companies offer keyrings, fridge magnets, mugs and canvas prints. almost all will give you the digital copies from the night, for free, on DVD for you to create your own re-prints..

If you can, try to see a booth in person. You’ll instantly see what all of the fuss is about!

PicMe Booths specialise in corporate, party and wedding photo booth hire in the Midlands.


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