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Wedding Photography - How to get the perfect wedding photos.

Updated on October 19, 2012

The vows..

How to take amazing wedding photographs or choose a photographer who will

Wedding photographer is a huge industry and if you become good in this field you can be booked for the whole year. Getting a good wedding photographer can also prove to be tricky as you may need to book a long time in advanced and pay an arm and a leg. But once the big day is over all you will have left is your memories AND your photographs so make sure they are great ones.

A good wedding photograph is not about a posed, pretty looking image. It needs to capture the love, joy excitement of one of the happiest days of the bride and grooms lives. With more people having extravagant weddings and photogrpahers charging extravagant prices it can be difficult to know who is good and who is not. But your best bet is to go by word of mouth. You may think it is all about the photos but there is more than meets the eye to being a good wedding photgrpaher. They need skills in listening, planning, organizing, understanding customers, managing large crowds etc.. You have all seen bridzilla!

When taking wedding photgraphs you will need to be creative and use your surroundings to make the images unique. No bride wants to look at your wedding images and realise they are the same as hers. Every bride and wedding are different, so ensure your photos represent this. If you are taking photos of a family members wedding ensure you capture the bride and grooms personalities. What makes their love special. Dont ask them to pose in awkward poses that are un-natural to them as the photos will look posed and un-natural. Use objects that are unusual and in the surroundings such as gravestones, fences, benches even the pub near the church to get unique images. Make sure you use a variety of view points and angles, such as from below and above such as through archways, with them sitting looking loving at each other, take pictures into a mirror of their reflection while they are on a bed, through the wedding rings etc.. There are many different imaginative ways you can use the camera to take images using different angles and viewpoints which will give you more exciting images. I have included some links to help you get ideas. Some traditional posed pictures are always nice such as the family and some images are needed. Do not miss the dress, bridal party, rings, first kiss, throwing the boquet, cutting the cake etc..These photos are a must have!

I have seen these done in many different ways that represent the bride and groom. Many photographers go to the home and take photos of the bride and bridesmaids getting ready..this can include pics of the flowers, bridesmaids putting flowers in each others hair, vows written somewhere, make up, shoes and the dress hanging up. They will always do the same with the groomsman and groom. Taking unique photos of things of interest that give the bride insight into what went on beforehand and also the groomsman great memories. These photos look great in black and white and it is also more forgiving. The bride may not have full make up on yet etc. You also need to remember to stay out of the way of those who are getting ready and enjoying the day but also make it exciting by taking their photos.

Boudoir shots are the latest trend in wedding photography and many brides are choosing to include these types of photos. These are taken before the wedding and are sexy photos of the bride as a gift to the husband. They can be taken in the home or if possible in the honey moon sweet. You must avoid making them look cheap and pornographic. The idea is that they should be sensual and beautiful. You should use soft focus and lighting as they are more forgiving as are black and white images. They look especially beautiful with neutral colours such as naked skin with white sheets, bridal coloured sensual underwear, soft curls of hair around face etc. All women are gorgeous, just make sure you find the best lighting and angles to compliment their body shapes. No women looks amazing or feels sexy, naked flat on a bed in full natural light. And make sure you make them feel gorgeous on their special day, it will make the images sexier too.

Remember: there are thousands of want-to-be wedding photographers out there - make sure you are unique and capture the essence of the couples personalities and what makes their special day different.

If you are taking photos of a friends wedding then you already have the advantage of knowing what makes this couple special - so use it. Think about what makes them special. Use your surroundings, angles and whatever you can to take unique pics. Some may look silly but some will look amazing and we live in the digital world so you can delete what you dont want.

And weddings are (usually) once in a life time - photos are for life. I have seen some amazing photos that represented an island family. They got married on a beautiful island and the photographer got them all to get into the water (wedding dress and all). They have the most amazing pictures of the bride and groom lying in the sea kissing with the sun setting, the groomsman in the water splashing together in their suits with their surf boards and a family picture on the beach with the waves crashing. Yes they all got wet at the end of the day...but these are spectacular photos.



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