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Wedding Photos Are Wedding Memories! A Rule For Success!

Updated on October 6, 2015
Example of traditional wedding photography.
Example of traditional wedding photography.

Wedding Photography Is a Top-Four Wedding Priority!

After the wedding cake is a mass of crumbs, and the champagne bottles are empty, and the bride and groom have left on their honeymoon, what's left?

Your wedding photos and video! They are your memories for eternity! And for that reason, you need to give them all the time, energy and money they deserve!

For this Hub, we're going to focus on wedding photos and what you should know!

The late, great Monte Zucker!
The late, great Monte Zucker!

Photojournalism vs. Traditional Wedding Photography: Training Is Key!

Monte Zucker, the greatest traditional wedding photographer who ever lived, felt that in some cases, photojournalism was an excuse for poor photography. His reasoning was that the photojournalist, in many cases, didn't have classical training in photography to learn the best lighting techniques, angles and methods, for example, to shoot a wedding to its best advantage.

Monte loved photojournalism, but he felt that to be a skilled photojournalist, one had to be trained in their art. As he said, "You can't learn to read without first knowing your ABCs." Case in point: Denis Reggie.

Denis Reggie!
Denis Reggie!

Denis Reggie & Photojournalism...

The greatest photojournalist of our day is Denis Reggie, the guy who shot John Kennedy, Jr.'s wedding to Carolyn Bessette. He's also the guy who transformed the very nature of traditional wedding photography, making photojournalism what it is today. 

But Denis was highly trained in classical, traditional photography and he told me that although he's been "out of school" so to speak for decades, he relies on that training when looking for just the right angle to shoot the bride... the best lighting to make the shot optimum... In other words, Denis knows what he's doing!

Example of photojournalism...
Example of photojournalism...

The Best Solution: Mix & Match...

Having known both Monte and Denis, and having a great appreciation for both types of photography, I can say that i believe a bride's and groom's best memories are the result of a mix-and-match of both types of these art-forms.

I love to look at a stunning portrait of the bride, for example, posed artistically with her flowers flowing from her hands (a la Monte). Or to gaze upon a touching photo of the groom skimming the bride's hand in a romantic gesture as he walks past her (a la Denis).

Both art-forms have merit and in my opinion, one should not take precedence over the other. But either way, for the best wedding photography, make sure your photographer is trained in his field!

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