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Wedding Planner Salary and their Nature of Work

Updated on February 10, 2016

Wedding planners are the ones responsible in organizing the whole nuptial ceremony. They take charge in the coordination and management of every single detail related to the wedding. Most of the time, such professionals are self-employed. There are those who work independently on their own, some run their own business. The latter is the case when the planner comes from a large company. Usually, growing businesses hire their own staff. This is of little number though. The wedding planner salary of those who work solely are way higher. This is the main reason why they tend to initiate their own business.

Getting the Right Price for a Laborious Job

In the United States alone, wedding planner salary is estimated to be $80 billion. This is the total figure earned by wedding planners throughout the country annually. With this, it could be assumed that individual planners earn decently on their own. This can be a motivation to pursue a career in this industry. Wedding planner salary is relatively high indeed. Aside from the above mentioned types of wedding planners, there exist those who earn from the commissions they get. This is how they are being paid with the work they do.

For self-employed professionals, producing their average pay may be a struggle. It is possible to take place though. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, wedding planner salary may reach up to $45,800 yearly. This is the general figure. It varies. It can still be feasible for such professionals to earn more. They can produce over $75,000 annually. If they really are good in what they do, they can even hit $100,000 just in a year. Do not be overwhelmed with these though. Professionals who are just starting up their careers started with $25,000. They even earn less. It really depends upon seniority and the number of years the business has been established. Everyone goes through this pace.

Basically, wedding planner salary would vary because there are distinctions between the planners themselves and the local markets they serve for. These are the contributing factors that may determine the number of the pay. There might even be a unified charging scheme which can be professionally used. Full service is typically availed by customers. This includes the consultation, planning, management, coordination, costs among others. Do not worry because there is always a common charging system for this. Just know the standard ones in order not to be deceived or anything.

The Main Work

At most part, people’s concept about the work of wedding planners is anchored on that Jennifer Lopez movie. Contrary to that film, real couples come with a restricted budget. This is something that planners need to work on. They are hired for their budgeting skills, so they have to master such. Wedding planners are supposed to lighten things up. It is expected for brides to be stressed during this juncture. Maybe, they are no longer in the right senses to manage things, to budget money. Planners would be an assistant in this sense. It is their time to shine. Working like there is no pressure is the name of the game. There are roles to perform in this. Workers need to be aware of such.

Wedding planners are the ones expected to create harmony and symphony on any wedding. They have their answers out of their hat, and they would be responsible for having a flawless wedding. The planner needs to take charge in knowing the preference of the bride. This is the time when the personality and the needs of the couple would come across. It is crucial to meet the expectations of the clients. It is not about the personal view of the planner. The vision of the couple needs to be realized. This shall take place with the help of the mentioned professional. Exceeding expectations is the most fulfilling thing to do.

Brides who are too busy for the big day can free themselves from stress by making use of a full service planning. This is the time when planning is started from the very point of it up until the last. The journey can be that long. This is apparent because there are brides out there who are just foreign to the area. They are also not sound enough to make decisions or sometimes, they are too busy with their career. The planner will serve as the representative in here. She would most likely communicate with the other parties involved. It is not easy to become a mediator. This is one of their goals. It is crucial.

What are the Crucial Responsibilities of Wedding Planner?

What are the responsibilities involve in the mentioned? First is the setting of the budget. There is an amount settled for this wedding. The planner needs to outmost that. Finding the reception, and as well as the location of the ceremony is one of their functions too. The same goes with the outsourcing of extended manpower like videographer, photographer, singers and florists. If there is a need for it, planners would have to negotiate with the pricing involved. The style of the groom and bride is created through such professionals as well. There would be a timeline and that too is to be managed by the planner. Mostly, meetings are held. Their presence is vital. The rehearsals have to be planned. This is up until the wedding day. Basically, the planner would serve as the personal assistant of the family. The whole job does not end when the wedding is done. There are post-wedding activities and they need to be followed up.

There are instances when couples do not need to make use of full service, but instead, partial planning or coordination is the service only rendered. This is another service which can be offered. On this part, wedding planners will be only active and present on the turnabout of the event itself.

The beauty of the wedding would lie on the hands of the planner. This is one of the reasons why there is a certain amount of fulfillment in the mentioned job, aside from the salary.


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