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Wedding Planning Tips and Tricks

Updated on April 12, 2017

So you just got engaged? CONGRATULATIONS!! You are now in an amazing season in your life! Now where do you begin you may ask? To answer your question I've decided to include some helpful tips for taking the first few steps after getting engaged, you would be surprised how much can go into deciding simple things!

First things First- 1- 2 Weeks into Engagement:
-Tell all of your family and close friends BEFORE posting the announcement on Facebook, this will make sure that no one gets there feelings hurt

-Pick a wedding date! Now a lot can go into this decision, such as what season you would like to be married in, if you want to get married on a Friday or Saturday, What style of wedding you want to have, what your schedule is, Holidays, other important events

• For instance, if you know you've always wanted shades of orange in your wedding with pies served as desert and rustic theme you may want to consider having your wedding in the fall, just makes sense right? (Not to say that you couldnt do that in May! its your wedding after all, you can have your pie and eat it too )
• Now, its pretty common knowledge that people tend to have weddings on Saturdays, everyone is off work and it leaves Sunday for people to travel back home. However Friday weddings are actually making a comeback too. If you have an evening wedding on a Friday your guests could still make it after getting off work! And the BEST part about this option is the fact that vendors will give you great deals to have your wedding that day instead of a saturday! Think about it, everyone books a Saturday so their Fridays are wide open and they are willing to charge you less just so they can get some more business, win win right? It is at least worth considering!
• Holidays can be bad: picking to have your wedding on a Holdiay or holiday weekend can either be extremely romantic or down right disastrous. There are so many ways that things can go wrong. To start, many people may be unable or even unwilling to go to a wedding on a holiday or holiday weekend. They may have family plans that had been decided on months ago or maybe the can't get the time off of work to make it down. As well, many vendors may take time off from weddings during the holidays to spend with their family and loved ones. That being said they may also make you pay a pretty penny just to get them to the wedding if they do agree to go.
• Holidays can be good:Another neat factor you may want to consider when picking the wedding date is the date of the honeymoon. For example, my fiance and I picked the second to last saturday in May, and we left for our honeymoon that Monday for a week, Memorial day is the Monday we get back so my fiance will have an extra paid day off of work during that time! So that was a perk for us, having the holiday at the end of our honeymoon, it worked out nicely so that he didn't have to take off that extra day.

Taking all of this into consideration can help you to better determine when exactly you may want to have your wedding. And once you have the date picked, then the fun begins!


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