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Wedding Reception Ideas

Updated on October 18, 2010

Romantic Wedding Reception Ideas

Light wedding color schemes like shades of pink, and shades of lavender with silver being an accent color are romantic. Deep colors for wedding color schemes are also romantic, like shades of deep red and burgundy with gold accents. To achieve a romantic wedding reception, no matter what color scheme you choose, a must have would be candles and mirrors. Mirrors will reflect candlelight and give an illuminating glow to any room. You can use different types of candles and candle colors. Pillar candles, votive candles, and candlesticks. You can mix and match height and size with your candles. Specialty linens add pizazz and sparkle. You can choose embroidered table covers and overlays, with matching chair covers. Feathers add softness and can be added to your wedding bouquet, wedding centerpieces. Feathers can also be added to cards, adding a special touch to menu cards, or escort cards.

You can decorate your wedding reception with crystal bowls filled with rose petals or crystal candelabras fill with flowers and surround with votive candles at the base. Clear cylinder vases at different heights can give a dramatic effect.

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