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Choose Wedding Themes & Wedding Venue

Updated on May 11, 2011

Wedding Ideas

Recently I have been thinking about when I decide to propose to a girl and what my wedding will be like and I have been thinking about this for various reasons which I won't go into here. I was trying to imagine what sort of wedding theme we will choose and I guess it is something you both decide so there is no way I can predict what it will be like but I thought I would look at unusual weddings other people have had.

I have had a few serious girlfriends in the past but I think when I know that I 'Love' a girl it will be because we share similar opinions on life and she will also have a strong love of music, particularly Rock. Who knows we could end up having an Iron Maiden theme wedding!

I also like ancient history so I put the default photo above which seems to be a medieval wedding, I like the idea of my wife being dressed like a princess and I have heard of wedding ceremonies being undertaken at Castel Coch in Glamorgan Wales near where I live and it is nicknamed the 'Fairy Tale castle'.

Photo courtesy of f_jean

Funky Disco Wedding!

This may be the ultimate wedding for my best friend, he loves anything disco since he is 2 years older than me and remembers the 80's and even has a 70s MGB Roadster car. The picture above was taken at 'The Arches' nightclub in Glasgow and they are well renowned for their theme weddings, live music, theatre, visual art and fashion shows because of the huge space available in the premises.

Photo courtesy of thearches

Beach Weddings

Beach weddings have become quite the norm within recent years probably because of rich people living in places like Miami and Dubai looking for extreme ways to show their joining together. However, choosing a beach wedding in the UK in the middle of October probably isn't a good idea as we can see from the photograph above where lack of wedding planning meant it was postponed due to rain.

Photo courtesy of sis

Futuristic Arches Wedding?

Since I am considered by many as a computer nerd, I think futuristic 'sci-fi' wedding decorations could be fun, the closest I came to finding this theme was the photograph above which was also at 'The Arches' nightclub in Glasgow, I'm not sure if it is a futuristic wedding but the stars in the background and the fact that it is underground make it seem like a scene from the Matrix or something! The giant glitter ball could be classed as retro but also 'spacey'.

Photo courtesy of thearches

Sporting Wedding?

Here is another variety of wedding venue, how about a golf course? there are many beautiful locations that have golf courses, for example Loch Lomond in Scotland which is spread across the coast of the Loch. However, if you are planning on having a wedding ceremony near to sea or lakes in the UK I suggest planning weddings by the weather forecast because you don't want cold winds ruining your day.

Photo courtesy of jurvetson

Childhood themed Wedding?

Now this truly was an unusual wedding theme, I was a little perplexed to why anybody would want this on their special, however I have been labelled as 'too serious' in the past so I guess each to their own.

I suppose the idea is that the bride and the guests get to unwind and forget their work for a short time and I can see this as a nice alternative when the wedding planner has so much stress organising the event!

Photo courtesy of thearches

VW Van Weddings!

Finally we have one of my favourite wedding ideas, however I would prefer it to be with vintage cars rather than retro vans but I also like the idea of lots of bohemian guests! I used to own an MGB GT from the 80s so I know that club runs are often held at various tourist hotspots around the UK.

Photo courtesy of plutor


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