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Wedding Videos: The Pros and Cons: Should You or Shouldn't You?

Updated on December 8, 2015
Professional wedding video is a joy to behold!
Professional wedding video is a joy to behold!

Wedding Videos: To Be or Not To Be?

Years ago, when I first started in the wedding business, I really didn't have an opinion about wedding videography, one way or another. Photography was always foremost in my mind and I always knew that it was a TOP wedding priority. After all, your photos are your memories and they should be given all the time and attention they deserve to make them the best they can be.

And then I started to research the wonderful world of videography...

When you video, your family is always alive and well and with you!
When you video, your family is always alive and well and with you!

What Makes Wedding Video Different...

To put wedding photography and videography in perspective, ask yourself this question: "If you could look at your grandmother's photo album or video, which would you choose?"

I was asked that question by Roy Chapman, President of WEVA (Wedding Event Videographers Association) and I didn't have to think twice. I would want to see that video!

When you video a wedding, it means that everyone in that video is alive and well and with you! And they will be forever. That makes it very different from still photography.

Budget for wedding videography from the beginning!
Budget for wedding videography from the beginning!

Wedding Videography: The Stumbling Blocks...

I get a ton of email from brides who say that they can't afford video and photography--and that's the first stumbling block. I say that if you budget wisely, you can! You just need to include video in the budget from the beginning. In my opinion, it's every bit as important as photography.

Stumbling block two is the perception of the videographer. So many brides email, "I don't want a videographer. They're always in your face. They're annoying." If that's the case, you have been in the presence of a very poor videographer! A good videographer will be just as unobtrusive as that photographer you hire!

In summary, put these stumbling blocks behind you. Budget well from the beginning and do your homework to find that perfect videographer. After all, video and photography are your memories! Make them top wedding priorities!

P.S. The most regrets I hear from brides after the fact, are that they didn't video!


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