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Wedding Day Prep

Updated on July 24, 2010

The morning of your wedding day will most likely be like no other. You will be experiencing all types of emotions and may be unable to eat. You must eat, even if you are nibbling on crackers and sipping water. This goes for you the bride and also your bridesmaids. Just think about the ambulance having to roll up to your wedding ceremony or wedding reception because you or one of your bridesmaids fainted from dehydration or passed out from not eating.
Hopefully you started prepping your skin ahead of time instead of waiting until the day of or night before your wedding. You don't know how your skin will react to a new product. Do your hair, makeup and everything else you need to do because slipping into your wedding dress will be the last thing before you walk out the door. Things may be chaotic with people coming in and out, asking you questions, ringing your cell phone but having a schedule will help you keep things in order and keep control of everything that is happening around you, making things less chaotic. You don't want a bad start which usually leads to having a bad day. Also try not to go to bed to late the night before your wedding. Make a time frame for ending your rehearsal dinner or bachelorette party so that you can get some rest. You don't want to look tired, drained or have bags and circles under your eyes. There is only so much makeup can do and remember all eyes will be on you.
Pressed & Dressed
Something I discovered accidentally is using the steam from your hot shower to take wrinkles out of your dress.
I hung my dress on the bathroom door because I didn't want anymore wrinkles in it than it already had. After my shower I put my robe on to do my hair and makeup and when I went to put my dress on and the steam had taken out all the wrinkles. For cleaning and steaming instructions, check with the person that will be altering your wedding dress or the bridal store you bought it from. I hope my lessons learned, can save you less trouble and stress. Simple and easy wedding tips can help make your wedding day easy and stress free.

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