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Wedding's Reincarnation In Banded Bond Blissward Bound

Updated on August 18, 2016

Weddings Are Full of Interesting Symbols

Everything about them is pure extravagance and they are a great symbol of a unity in family and romantic love. It is epic getting dressed up like a theatre act and attending the rehearsal then the ceremony and socializing at the after party. Whether it's a private gathering in a home or a huge party in an event center the extravaganza is the union of two people's minds and hearts in a celebration of love. Everyone there is sometimes hysterical either with laughter or tears and overflowing joy. I think weddings are unique celebrations because the symbolism the married couple shares with the attendees represents both the loss of those two people single entities and the birth of their union as a couple in their community, their families, and commemorative with their eventual children. Cultural values make the ceremony and celebrations unique reincarnations within a family. The wedding bands and rings represents the bride and groom's eternal union through God and the blessings within the families to create greater love between themselves.

The symbol that weddings represent is the union of two groupings. This is a meaningful symbol to sociology. The structure, development and functioning of a society is its sociology and the wedding in sociological terms is the symbol of the birth of family. The structure in weddings is marriage as an institution that defines basically unions amongst two or more persons. It's tradition and personal preference that define what goes into planning a wedding before it occurs including what you bring, what you wear, and how long it was planned before it occurs.

The development of these ceremonies is divided to scale whether it stays within a family or includes as many groups up to the entire global populace. There are entire careers and lives funded from the jobs created from medium to larger scale weddings. Generally a wedding planner will have listings of any companies that make a wedding plan come together. A list of examples includes cake and dress designers, tuxedo tailors, wedding bands from jewelers, musicians, photographers, event centers and churches or Temple's, airline tickets, caterers, registries, invitations and RSVPs, and a priest or ordained minister to perform the ceremony. While weddings may be developed by a local civil court and judge within about two weeks they may be an ongoing development that might take a whole year or longer to get ready. The process that forms weddings may symbolize the development of your family and the union of two families over time. A lot of planning goes into the ceremony that consists of four final words parted from two sets of lips. And the development of those final I do and I do too represents the development of a marriages love whether it's between bride and groom, bride and bride and groom, groom and groom or any familie’s union brought by joining together in the bond of matrimony.

A weddings sociological function will allow for contribution from the event supporters. Who pays for the event has changed over time and the function of a wedding remains essentially as the bond and commitment that comes with the union of two lives. The function of a polygamy and a monogamy are both union and weddings come in all sizes and forms. There are traditional and conventional wedding concepts that define their function. A bigger wedding will probably cost a lot to one person or to a group fund that wants to support the function that a large wedding facilitates in a group. Symbols of general dominion over the land and the creation of abundance in many people's lives is a simple effect of matrimony between two people whom wait a long time to host a wedding. And the effect that the marriage makes in the lives of the weddings attendees and hosts alike gives the wedding it's function in society. It's possible that many weddings occur to alleviate taxes. A weddings function literally and as a symbol is a day or a few days that will represent love in countless lives. And will allow more love to flow into these lives by providing a way for married people's to contemplate procreation or adoption.

Wedding rings cut sizes, gem and metal choices are symbols of different engagement values

The blissful bond sealed with a kiss
The blissful bond sealed with a kiss

Location! LocationLocation!

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