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Weddings in Newbury, Berkshire, UK

Updated on October 8, 2009

Wedding Photography in Newbury

I was talking to a friend of mine who recently got married and they pointed out that whilst there were plenty of places to go on-line to get more information on wedding photographers, venues, florists, wedding cakes, invitations and pretty much everything else to do with planning your wedding almost all of these were national companies and they thought what would really have helped was a more locally focused company.

I build websites for a living and so begun a the new project called Weddings in Newbury, the local wedding site planner that aims to help with planning your wedding in.. you guessed it, Newbury.

Wedding Venues in Newbury

Newbury and the surrounding countryside of Berkshire has some of the most scenic countryside and country estates and houses anywhere in the UK and as such, there are some fantastic places to hold your wedding reception.

I won't pretend to know them all, but a few of my favourite wedding venues in Newbury include:

The Vineyard
This venue will not be cheap, but if you want the best, The Vineyard is the perfect wedding venue With a Michelin starred restaurant, 5 star service and incredible spa facilities.

Newbury Racecourse
The racecourse and the horse races are probably the main reason many come to visit Newbury. You can hold you wedding on a race day or for a more personal setting when there are no races. It is perfect for larger weddings.

Donnington Grove Country Club
This stunning setting will ensure that you have a wedding to be remembered. The gothic mansion house and extraordinary views across the lake means an easy day for your wedding photographer.

Weddings at St Nicolas Church in Newbury

If you plan on having a traditional wedding in a Church, St Nicolas Church in Newbury will be hard to beat.

Steeped in history, it is positioned in Newbury town centre and has been the spiritual centre of Newbury for over 900 years.

St. Nicolas Church was built by the famous cloth-merchant of history and legend, Jack O'Newbury, and his son and was later used by Cromwell's troops as a stable, hospital and prison at the time of the 1st Battle of Newbury

For more details on how to book the church and what you need to do in order to hold your wedding there, take a look at: Weddings at St Nicolas, Newbury

Newbury Wedding Photography

In my opinion, choosing a locally based wedding photographer is important as not only will it make it much easier for you to meet with them before the wedding to discuss your requirements, but it will also mean that they will have a knowledge of the local area and possibly have photographed a wedding at the same location that you are having yours. If not it will also mean that it should be fairly simple for them to scout the location before the big day.

Newbury Wedding Photographers:

    Newbury based, stylish professional Wedding Photographers
    Wedding Photographers based in Berkshire

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