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Stress Free Wedding Planning

Updated on July 14, 2017
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I have been writing since I was in my early teens. I have taken a couple creative writing classes in college. I'm also a photographer

Wedding Planner

Wedding planners are the best way to go, but they can be expensive. I suggest you grab a family member or friend to do most of the work for you. Everyone loves to help, and take credit for planning the day. You might find it helpful to just delegate most of the jobs to a close friend, as in the Matron of Honor, best friend, Mother of the Bride or Groom to do most of it, then it will help with your stress. Make a list, tick off the tasks as they are finished. Divide the tasks between the two or three people. On the list; Decide where, get your dress, pick out the cake, choose your colors and some decor, choose two styles and colors for your Bridesmaids to choose from, hire a DJ, and put the budget numbers on the list. You, as a couple, choose all of it, make a list and then let someone else do the "footwork" for you. This can all be very stress free for you and your fiance.

One last thing, as you are trying to find that perfect dress, search online, at the Bridal shops, keep in mind what your fiance's reaction will be when they see you walking down the aisle. Take one day, invite your Bridal Party to help you choose your dress (Bridesmaids, close friends, Mother of the Bride and Groom) make it a "girls day out". Have lunch, try on dresses, choose your bridesmaid dresses on that day as well. Once this is finished, everything else is smooth sailing!!

Top 10 Tips to Stay Stress Free

Getting stressed while planning your big day? Let me help you cut down on all of the stress. If you can afford a Wedding Planner, that is the way to go, just give he/she the list of what you want, and they do all the work. If you are on a budget, which we all are, here are some tips that I have found to be very helpful.

1. Plan early, I recommend at least a year, but 6 months will do. First, as a couple, you must decide what you want together. Once that is accomplished, everything should be smooth sailing.

2. Pick your venue first. At least a year ahead of time, as things start getting booked up quickly. Once you find the place where you want your dream Wedding, everything else will fall into place. You need to find something that fits your budget, fits your date, is beautiful and exactly what you have envisioned. Now, start sending those "save the date" cards.

3. Keep it as cheap as possible. Remember; Less is More. Flowers, decor, and other things will not be remembered, so go cheap on those little things. People will remember the bride and the Wedding Party, not the flowers and the decorations. There will be pictures for everything!

4. Delegate! Give close friends and family a job, so they can feel they are part of the Big Day. Also, this will keep your stress level down, knowing you can trust family members to help out. Even if it is as simple as making sure the rice or confetti is brought at the right time.

5. In the beginning, keep everything between you and your fiance. If family members are involved they might just steam roll everything into place and then you, as a couple, decide to change some things, it will be stressful on you if they have already got things rolling.

6. Never leave out your significant other! Make your decisions together. You will be making plans with friends and family members, making changes to things, but you need to be sure that your fiancee has agreed to these changes. This will make things go much smoother.

7. No Talk of Wedding Day, Day!! Put away the plans, photographs, cake choices, and the rest of the Wedding plans. Turn off your phones for the whole day, get away and show each other why you are doing this in the first place!! 24 hours of not speaking of the Wedding.

8. Stay on Budget! Towards the end you will be tired of the "planning", believe me you will just get sick of it and will be saying yes to everything just to get it over with. Make sure you do not do this! Stick to your budget, and you will not start your new life in debt. Be sure to also have a little extra for emergencies, but other than that, stay on track! Keep a check list, and tick them off as you complete them. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE TO DO THINGS.

9. Be Selfish!! This is your day, so it is all about YOU, not making everyone else happy. You will get fake tears, subtle comments, gestures, rude comments, idle threats, and so much more from friends and family members. Do not give in! Make you and your fiance happy, not everyone else!

10. Relax and Enjoy!! Remember through it all why you are planning this day. It is to celebrate the love you have for one another and to spend the rest of your life with this one person. Take frequent breaks, love each other, give back rubs, foot massages, treat each other to a day or two to just celebrate in the quietness with the one you love.

There will be some stress, as planning the "perfect day" is not completely stress free, but if you just keep in mind that this is a celebration of your love for each other the stress will be gone. Just remember to start early, keep a checklist, relax, take a day for yourselves as you make the plans, and especially delegate tasks to friends and family members! Enjoy!!

Stress Free Wedding

This was a wedding on a budget
This was a wedding on a budget | Source

Be Sure To Stay Calm

Planning the perfect day is stressful, intimidating and very exciting all at the same time. Just remember to keep calm, breathe, count to ten and always take breaks. I suggest that you and your fiance take a few days, out of the year that you are planning the big day, to indulge in each other. Just take 24 hours to agree not to talk about the wedding and just enjoy each other. This will remind you both why you are doing these plans; to Celebrate your day, to remind you that you are in love with this person and want to spend the rest of your life together!

Peaceful Places

Engagements at a very peaceful place
Engagements at a very peaceful place | Source

Enjoy A Break

You always need to take a break from the stressfulness of planning that "perfect day". Here are a few things you can do. Take a walk out in the country, take a mini get away for the weekend, enjoy a picnic somewhere you both love or go horseback riding together for the day. Whatever it is, just be sure to enjoy each others company without talking about the Wedding.

Stress Free

How Do You Stay Stress Free While Planning the Big Day?

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Other De-Stressing Tactics

I suggest some deep breathing exercises to get rid of stress. I also go the gym and workout to get rid of all the tension. Afterward, I get a hydro massage that also helps me to relax! I also like to read, so I go to the library, or download a new ebook for my tablet. I send sweet messages to my fiance and he sends some sweet replies as well. Just letting each other know how you feel throughout the day really helps to smile, which also reduces stress.

With this ring......

Til Death Do Us Part
Til Death Do Us Part | Source

Stressing about Wedding Plans

Just remember that after this day is done, you will be spending the rest of your life with your fiance, the one you fell in love with. He/She will be there for you no matter what! They will keep you safe, protected, on your toes, disagree with you, fight with you, play with you, and love you, UNCONDITIONALLY!!

Always keep in mind these things as you are planning the Wedding and get stressed out. Do not lose your way during this time and forget the reason for the plans in the first place. It is easy to get side tracked, so just keep in mind it is only one day, keep it as simple or as extraordinary as you both want it, but always remember it is a celebration of love!


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