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15 Weird Foods People Eat To Perform Better in Bed

Updated on June 25, 2018

So you want to know how to perform better in bed (or in any place for that matter). Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned pro, there’s always room for improvement. Before anything else, allow me to ask what do you do to have better experience with your partner? How about exercise? How about proper diet? How about communication? How about practice…lots and lots of it?

Even if you've mastered ancient scrolls and text, you want more. But the real question here is how extreme are you willing to go? Are you willing to try these enhancers so you can have a better experience with your partner?

Indian Spectacled Cobra.  This is one of the most  venomous snake in India
Indian Spectacled Cobra. This is one of the most venomous snake in India | Source

1. Cobra Blood

This is a cure-all-remedy in the Southeast Asian region. However, as weird and as gross as it may sound, cobra blood is taken to enhance performance and improve special moments with your partner. This has been a practice for a long time in Asia. In fact, this can be traced as far back as the Han Dynasty. You can dink it straight up or mixed with alcohol. For the record, it’s not rubbing alcohol.

Without a doubt, there is danger in this. I don’t know anyone willing to go head to head with a cobra. Apart from its bite, you may drink toxins in the blood. Is it really worth it? There is an industry dedicated to this so you don’t have to scour for your own serpentine and drain its blood. But still, are you that darn desperate? The death of a snake no matter how dangerous is not commensurate for your personal pleasure. I’m sure many will disagree since there is a huge market for this.

I don't think tigers like the idea of people cutting their penis.
I don't think tigers like the idea of people cutting their penis. | Source

2. Tiger Man Parts

This is popular in Southeast Asia. I’m sure it involves putting down the poor animal so you can get it up. I love tigers and this I believe is a great dishonor to these magnificent creatures. What would you feel if someone cuts your man parts and eats it? It’s highly unlikely for this to happen, but just in case, how would you feel – apart from the pain?

Tiger population has plummeted. Moreover, using them as aphrodisiac is not helping. In fact, three species have been extinct since the 1980s. According to WWF, only 3,200 tigers remain. This is a 95% drop in their population since the 20th century. I don’t want to see the extinction of these marvelous animals because people think tiger penis is a great aphrodisiac. That’s just self-centered, selfish, egocentric, egotistic, self-serving…ok, I’m running out of synonyms but you get the point.

Would you eat a tarantula?

There are approximately 800 species of tarantula.
There are approximately 800 species of tarantula. | Source

Have you tried eating something out of the ordinary to enjoy intimate moments?

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3. Crispy Tarantula

Deep frying these arachnids is said to boost your mood for love. It may not look appetizing but when you really want to enhance your performance, this may be your answer. I’m not really sure how they connected tarantulas with carnal pleasure. But boy, they did. Poor spider!

For those who do not know, tarantulas are huge, hairy spiders, that don’t conjure images of pleasures. In fact, they are quite the opposite. But who am I to argue with the long held traditions and beliefs? If eating crispy critters like tarantula is your thing, I won’t judge you. Just don’t ruin the ecological balance just to get in the mood.

Sea Cucumber Looks Like What?

A seas cucumber is an echinoderm.
A seas cucumber is an echinoderm. | Source

Sea Cucumber Nutritional Facts

Nutrition Facts
Serving size: 100 grams
Calories 56
Calories from Fat0
% Daily Value *
Fat 0 g
Carbohydrates 0 g
Protein 13 g26%
* The Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet, so your values may change depending on your calorie needs. The values here may not be 100% accurate because the recipes have not been professionally evaluated nor have they been evaluated by the U.S. FDA.

4. Sea Cucumber

Apart from looking like you know what, its ability to stand erect and squirt when it is disturbed probably made people believe that this will improve their performance. Whether it is true or not, some eat sea cucumber just in case a little motivation is needed. This "enhancer" is popular in China and other Asian countries. Furthermore, preparation is quite long and involves days of soaking and boiling. So it better be darn effective.

Sometimes I can’t help but think that people see the sea cucumber as an aphrodisiac simply because of envy. Surely, some men need more motivation than others. If you can’t be like them, soak, boil and eat them. It’s just logical, isn't it? No man wants to be outdone by a sea cucumber.

Leaf cutter ants as aphrodisiac

Leaf cutter ants can travel hundreds of meters just to find the right leaves.
Leaf cutter ants can travel hundreds of meters just to find the right leaves. | Source

5. Leaf Cutter Ants

In South America, the leaf cutter ants are prized for their aphrodisiac property. Well, that’s what they believe. In fact, people there have been doing this since the 15th century. Moreover, leaf cutter ants are part of the traditional wedding gifts. They are still given today. So don’t freak out if you get a box as a wedding present. It’s meant to make your first night a little spicier.

If you’re going to give it to someone as a gift, make sure you get leaf cutter ants and not the fire ants. Also, I don’t think termites are a good substitute. Always go for the real thing. You can’t beat leaf cutter ants. If not, you can always go to a urologist for some help.

Leaf Cutter Ants Interesting Facts

Scientific Name
Atta cephalotes
Community size
Up to 5 million per nest
Can carry 50 times their weight

6. Turtle Eggs

Mexico is a very unique place. One of their folklore points to the powers of turtle eggs to aid in erection. Turtle population is also on a decline so I suggest leave these poor turtles alone. Go for chicken eggs. I’m pretty sure it’s a great source of protein. However, as for the aphrodisiac properties, I can’t guarantee anything.

7. The Love Beetle

Beetles for better experience in bed? In particular, the Spanish Fly produce secretions that is said to improve desire. This aphrodisiac is known since the time of Julius Caesar. The secretions of this European beetle can cause swelling. And when it comes to special moments, swelling in certain parts is desired. Moreover, one component of this liquid called canthoridin is used in animal husbandry.

Beetles are eaten in many cultures. It’s a good source of protein and it’s easy to prepare. It so happens that the Spanish Fly has a special place in the annals of history. Secretions and swelling are words that invoke new meaning to eating beetles.

Would you eat this for better performance?

nemognatha sparsa Blister beetle or Spanish Fly
nemognatha sparsa Blister beetle or Spanish Fly | Source
Here's a picture of a female skink
Here's a picture of a female skink | Source

8. Flesh of the Skink

Skink is a type of lizard found in North America. It is said that eating skink flesh will make you irresistible. However, they are now kept as pets. So should you get one, please resist the urge to consume them for your personal pleasure. Plus, pet store might not sell them to you if they know you’ll just eat them.

Lizards are eaten in many countries all over the world. Some believe they have medicinal properties against common ailments like asthma, skin allergies and others. This particular lizard however, has the distinction of making someone more desirable. Just don't get caught killing it and devouring it like an animal because that may not be a pretty sight.

Just a quick reminder, it is skink and not skunk. The letter “I” makes a huge difference! So be careful what flesh you eat.


9. Bird's Nest

Bird's nest soup...sounds appetizing right? But know that what you’re eating is actual birds nest made from their saliva. These are highly prized nests built by the Asian Swift. And it can fetch up to $100 an ounce. Harvesters of the nest have to climb steep rocks making it very dangerous. All the effort and cost should definitely make you perform better in bed (or wherever you want). If not, at least you had a nice soup to warm up your cold, lonely night alone.

Harvesting the Asian Swift’s nest is without question perilous. But apart from the dangers that befall those harvesting them, it also ruins the natural habitat of these birds. There is a place in Palawan, Philippines where bird’s nest is regularly harvested. As expected, the numbers of these awesome birds are starting to dwindle.

10. Wolf Meat

In Mongolia, wolf meat is a popular aphrodisiac. It is prepared like any other meat dishes. You can marinade it or stir in vegetables. They say that eating wolf meat can increase one’s desires and enhance performance. Would you try this doggie style alternative for better experience?

Blowfish are really deadly.  Are you willing to eat them?
Blowfish are really deadly. Are you willing to eat them? | Source

11. Blowfish magic

Yes, this is the poisonous fish famous in Japan. In fact, you need a special license before you can even prepare a dish out of this fish. For those thrill seekers, this is one fish you should not take lightly. Of course in the hands of a skilled person, there is little to fear and a lot to enjoy.

12. Rhino Horns for Your Pleasure

Rhinoceros horn are ground to a powder and sold as aphrodisiac. It is sad, that the trade of rhino horns has decimated the black rhino population. The price is too steep for gratification.

What's with horns and libido?

The use of rhino horns as aphrodisiac puts them in great peril
The use of rhino horns as aphrodisiac puts them in great peril | Source

Stop the Killing of Rhinos

Rhino Statistics

IUCN Red List Classification
Black Rhino
4,880 (in 2010)
Critically Endangered
White Rhino
Approx. 20,000
Near Threatened
Greater One-Horned
Javan Rhino
Less than 50
Critically Endangered
Sumatran Rhino
Less than 200
Critically endangered

Have you tried Soup No.5?

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13. Bulls' Privates

Commonly cooked with onions, carrots and broth, bull’s testicles and penis are the main ingredients of Soup No. 5. To make sure that everything is clean, the bull man parts are scrubbed thoroughly and boiled before ending up in your soup. I just don't think I can eat something like this. Can I just have corned beef instead?

Would you eat bull's private parts?

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Bull ball are served as appetizer in MexicoHere's one dish served with you know what in AsiaThis is how it looks cut into smaller pieces.
Bull ball are served as appetizer in Mexico
Bull ball are served as appetizer in Mexico | Source
Here's one dish served with you know what in Asia
Here's one dish served with you know what in Asia | Source
This is how it looks cut into smaller pieces.
This is how it looks cut into smaller pieces. | Source

14. Caterpillar Fungus

Don’t say it’s just another mushroom. In fact, this is considered as a powerful aphrodisiac in Asia. This fungi invades the larvae of caterpillars (particularly the brain), then lives and grows in them. Of course this kills the larvae while the fungi continue to grow. It’s your ultimate parasite and people eat it as performance enhancers.

Today, the caterpillar fungi are commercially cultivated so they won’t cost as much. Parasites for pleasure, now on sale.

Caterpillar Fungus is a famous aphrodisiac in Asia
Caterpillar Fungus is a famous aphrodisiac in Asia | Source

Balut for stamina

Balut or Fertilized duck eggs can be purchased in many Asian Countries.  It's a popular street food in the Philippines.
Balut or Fertilized duck eggs can be purchased in many Asian Countries. It's a popular street food in the Philippines. | Source

15. Duck Embryo a.k.a. Balut

This is a Filipino delicacy although not many agree that it should be called as such. What it is is duck egg. But wait, before you eat it, know that you’re eating duck embryo. Oftentimes, you can already distinguish duck parts – duck bill, legs, wings, etc. If you’re lucky enough, you get some feathers. This is a high protein food and is said to help in your stamina. So which one would you prefer duck embryo or Red Bull.

I’ve been eating balut for years now not as an aphrodisiac but as a street food. The truth is, most people gag at the idea of eating balut not because of the taste, but because of what they see. It’s best enjoyed at night where you can’t see all the ducky features.

The secrets of pleasure and performance have been documented in many cultures over the centuries. Some even have deep roots in religion and philosophy. What people do just to have higher feel irresistible or perform better can be interesting and can be down right revolting. We have seen dangerous feats just for pleasure, and we have seen the decimation of animal population. Is it really worth it? Would you try it? But here’s a better question for everyone…what’s your secret to better performance in bed?


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