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Western Wedding Cake Toppers - Where to Find the Best Western, Cowboy and Horseshoe Wedding Cake Toppers

Updated on September 1, 2011

Nothing can bring your Western Wedding theme to life more than a beautiful Western Wedding Cake Topper for all of your guests to admire.

While they might be a little more difficult to find than other themed toppers, luckily there is still a fairly large selection of Western Wedding Cake Toppers available for you to choose from.

Western cake toppers that feature cowboys, cowboy boots, cowboy hats and even little bales of hay are available.

Take a look below to find the perfect Western Wedding Cake Topper for your perfect wedding day.

Western Wedding Cake Toppers - Bride Lassos Groom

This Western Cake topper is perfect for the bride and groom who wants to add a little comical touch to their wedding.

The whimsical western bride ropes her groom with only just a little effort. There are beautiful details in this topper from her dress and gloves to the "real" rope.

You can use this on top of a large cake or can display this on top of bundles of mini cakes styled like bails of hay.

It is hand painted porcelain and measures 3.2 x 3.2 x 7 inches.

Western Wedding Cake Toppers - First Dance

This is another great topper showing a sweet western couple two-stepping their first dance in style.

A little modern flair combined with a down home western flavor makes for a unique mix.

Made of hand painted porcelain.

Western Wedding Cake Toppers - Lace Heart

This adorable western style Cake Top features a little cowboy groom kissing his little cowgirl bride.

Surrounded by white lace, and white flowers shaped like a heart.

The Little groom is wearing a black cowboy hat and the little bride has a white cowboy hat.

Western Wedding Cake Toppers - Lucky Horsehoe

This Horseshoe Wedding Topper is the perfect way to begin your lucky future together, as well as tie in beautifully with your Western Theme wedding.

This Wooden horseshoe features dangling wooden heart charms and is accented with two hats and chiffon ribbon. it measures 7" tall, 4" diameter circular base.

Western Wedding Cake Toppers

The perfect Western topper for those who share a love of horses this topper features two Galloping horses entwined in a roped lace heart.

It is 8 1/2" tall and is available in all colors to match your wedding theme and decor.

Western Wedding Cake Toppers - Charming Couple

This adorable wedding topper features a charming western couple surrounded by an 8" heart-shaped backdrop that has sating, lace and white flowers.

Natural baby's breath and golden horseshoes also accent this cake top.

Measures approximately 8" tall with 4" diameter base.

Western Wedding Cake Toppers - Getting Hitched

This adorable western cake top showcases a wooden heart platform with a Gettin Hitched sign.

It also features a black western hat, hay, and horse shoes.

It measures 3 1/4in. x 4 1/2in.

This wedding cake topper can also be used for a bridal shower or engagement party.

Western Wedding Cake Toppers - Wood Heart

This sweet porcelain couple stands beneath a wooden with real rope trimmings and surrounded by winter wheat. Both are dressed in western attire.

It measures 8" high and is available in all colors to match your wedding theme and decor.

Western Wedding Cake Toppers - Resin Heart

This resin heart cake top is accented with cowboy hats and rope to give any wedding that special country flair.

This Cake Top measures 3 1/8in. x 5in.

This is another western cake topper than can be used for bridal showers and engagement parties as well.

Western Wedding Cake Toppers - Cowboy and Bride

This lovely western cake top features a porcelain figurine of a cowboy and his beautiful bride.

It measures 4 1/2" tall and will look lovely added to any Western themed wedding cake.

Western Wedding Cake Toppers - Two Trails Become One

This wonderful western cake topper will most assuredly be a special keepsake from your very special day.

The western bride and groom gaze lovingly at each other astride their favorite steeds.

This topper measures approximately 6 ¾ high x 4 ½ wide.

It is recommended that this topper be placed on wax paper barrier or cake stand and not come in direct contact with the cake itself because it is not food safe.

This topper will however look fantastic displayed at home after the wedding as a wonderful memory of your special day.


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